Black Friday sale

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Jun 14, 2013
Frankly I’m really annoyed w T11

Hyping the Gold Artisans but putting it behind a paywall of $150 is tbh - ridiculous

Ridiculous because T11 hasn’t really released much AT ALL for this sale

I’ve pretty much bought every deck for sale on this site (doubles of many) as well as many effects (refills for a few) needed for the style I enjoy

So now as a “loyal” customer I get blocked from buying a deck which let’s be the deck everyone wants because it’s actually been given some effort.

Unlike the vast majority of decks T11 is known for which in the card collecting community are considered lazy and bland; their efforts focused on the amazing tucks they produce rather than the cards themselves

In terms of products - I would probably gladly buy the DB box set - it’s not a problem income wise for me. If I’m spending that much then I’ll stretch to buy a half brick of Purple Monarchs as well to get the Gold Artisans.

To add insult to injury you chuck GA decks towards a big brand retailer like Target lol

But $100 for two decks and a signed letter is NOT good value and although there is another “secret” alluded to - simply won’t make me part w money that will likely go to Lotrek or Thirdway Industries instead

In summary T11 - pretty disappointing BF
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Apr 26, 2013
Time until this thread gets removed......3....2....

Anyways - I agree with you.
(Last good BF was 2017. The jump from $100 to $150 was it for me.)
Just disappointing.
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Jul 23, 2007
New York City
Hey guys, we value your support and we're sincerely thankful for it. That said, please keep in mind that these free gifts are, just that - free gifts, and are not done at any additional cost, despite that they involve significant additional cost to theory11. In particular, gold foil on playing cards is very expensive to produce - so we can't give those away free and stay in business!

That said, we're extremely confident and proud of what we produce, and we'd rather roll out one project we love on Black Friday than other companies who dish out 7 products with 1/7 the time, effort, and attention to detail we put into our work. The results, I firmly believe, speak for themselves.

Re: Gold Artisans - these are and will remain a rare commodity. Aside from this Black Friday promotion, we've placed one single deck in each Target store, so they're obtainable there (but rare!) as well.

Above all else, we're unspeakably proud to unveil a keystone project today with appeal to magic and playing card fans alike, by one of our generation's best creators and performers: Derren Brown. We've been working on this for two years - two years - and we couldn't be more excited to release it today.

In general, as a company, we don't do sales. We compete on quality, effort, and extreme attention to detail. If you're looking for the cheapest of anything, we're definitely not and don't aspire to be that. But we price our products every day lower than many of our competitors do on Black Friday - $9.95 compared to $12 or $14 or more.

And we believe firmly that the difference in quality - and value - is abundant.
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