Black rubber band in PERFECT SQUARE

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  1. What is the purpose of the thick black rubber band ?

    Did I miss an explanation?


    G friedman
  2. Hey there! There SHOULDN'T be a rubber band in the package. Sounds like something that was included by mistake. It has nothing to do with the trick. You can discard this.

    // L
  4. Thank you, Lyle!

    During the instructional video,
    There's a reference to an app
    Called "Solve It"
    It helps solved the cube if
    You get lost/confused

    There are several...

    Could you post me the name
    And author of the app?

    Thank you !!
  5. I actually don't know which specific app. I don't have an iPhone, so I can't find the app in the app store. All it is, however, is an app that shows you how to solve a rubik's cube. Maybe someone else can point you in the right direction?

    In the Google Play store I found an app that should do this, called CubeX ( This probably isn't the same app, but I don't think you need the same app. They are just saying that if you don't know how to solve a cube you can get an app that will walk you through the process.

    Just search Rubik's Cube Solver in the app store, and see what you come up with!

    // L
  6. Thanks Lyle...

    Found it

    SOLVE IT! By Valio

    Aka “Rubik cube solver”

    Thank again

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