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  1. i never fully understood the reverse image and one way deck like the guardians i have 3 packs and i just don't see what it means and how it helps with magic
  2. Reverse image cards are just to look 'pretty.'

    One way backs can be used for the location of cards. Consider this, if all the cards are facing one way and the selected card is placed facing the other way, by spreading the deck you can ascertain from the backs where the selected card is.

  3. but what does reverse image mean i just dont get that what does it mean and look like
  4. reverse image is like the "negative" in film, the blacks and the whites are reversed. On a regular rider back deck, the design and angels are white, while on the black tiger, the design and angels are black and the rest is white.
  5. There are certain effects that used a marked card. These can sometimes be done using a oneway deck like the guardians. Certain poker deals/tricks can utilize this feature as well with out having to 'mark' a card.

  6. A one way deck has a different "top" and "bottom" to it, meaning that if you open a brand new deck, take a card and turn it upside down, you will be able to find that card as along as the orientation of the cards are not changed. (All the card backs are facing one way
    -- /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ -- such that if you flip one of them over you'll be able to pinpoint it within the deck -- /\ /\ /\ /\ \/ /\ /\ /\. This allows for some fantastic tricks. However, the explanation was exaggerated a bit, as the Guardians are one-way very subtlely.


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