Blackpool Magic Convention 2008

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TeeDee, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. Anyone going?

    This will be my third time, and it looks like the best line-up so far. Lennart Green, Shoot Ogawa, Kostya Kimlat, Michael Close, David Solomon, Shimada, David Stone.....the list goes on......
  2. i want to go but i have no money,

    say hi to david solomon for me!!
  3. I'd actually really like to, and its quite far away meaning i have some time to plan and save.
    Looking at the website now, what day would be the best to go on? I'd really like to see David Stone.
  4. See you all there! ;)
  5. I will also be there!
  6. I will be there :) ! NOT =( ..

    I can't go .. I just can't .. don't ask why .. STOP STAIRING AT ME !=P

    Anyways .. I hope you all have good time there .. Jonas .. Say hi to every one for me =)

    Thank you ..

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