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  1. First off I would like to say how awesome some of the things are on this website, good stuff:

    Also they just redesigned their website it has a CHAT ROOM!!! I think this is freaking awsome just someone please go and check it out it relatively new so there are not that many people on it I think it'd be pretty sweet to chat with magicians from around the country and the world. Ill be in the chatroom for a while so come on check it out.
  2. lots of sites have chat rooms...
  3. yea but I think this site has a lot of potential, I know that the magic woods has one too but just blacks magic seems to strike a chord with me I dunno
  4. I smell a theory11 copy-cat. :D
  5. Blacks magic was out way b4 T11 it hasn't even been a year for theory11 come on now, and their website was very similar to what they have now from like a year ago. Their newest thing is the chat room, they have had forums for a while.
  6. The thing that worries me is that "Branded" looks exactly like Third Degree Burn by Jason Palter...

    But I could be wrong.

    I will stop by the chat room and check it out.


    EDIT: Just looked at the forums... I cannot even comprehend how many forum segments there are! Looking like the cafe....
  7. i smell an enigma and E copy-cat.....
  8. Wow! I agree with SkyLark.. that site's main page, forums, and even DVD covers are direct ripoffs of theory11. Check out the Intact or Captured covers. Is the t11 staff aware of this?

  9. They weren't made to rip of T11, they were out years before us. Also, how are those case covers the same?
  10. They were out for a while and a lot of people respect Blacks Magic as for Branded, Blister effects have been out for a while now a very long time, 3rd degree was not the first Branded is a very efficient and simplified handling of the blister effect.
  11. Also with branded you can change a normal round blister into the selected card.

  12. Got it ;)

    Sounds pretty Interesting!

  13. At the bottom of the case it say Artist bla bla and so does T11 cases.
  14. So are you saying T11 is a rip-off? Because I made it clear that Black's Magic was out before T11 was. They are two very different sites they offer different tricks. They might look similar but they are very different. They are the owners of street magic magazine too
  15. If you say that they are a T11 copy cat then I can say that T11 is an E copy cat.
  16. Blacks is not a copy cat of anyone. The software that theory 11 and blacks use for their DVDs is available worldwide and anyone can buy the software. It is nothing that has been homemade or computer generated. It is a default layout that comes already on the software program. So I dont see how its copying.
  17. Exactly. Hey I saw you at the chat room I had to go sorry bout that :)
  18. Wow, I didn't know it was a "default layout" or "homemade" even though I made it in my home. That would have saved Dan and I so much time when we created it from scratch months before Theory11's launch. Please let us know of this template available worldwide, seems like we're missing out on some royalties.

    Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. We're very flattered.
  19. I believe the 'Template' as such could be found at

    Buy a DVD
    Scan the Cover
    Use it as your own

    Hope this helps for next time D&D.

  20. hahaa blink!

    Blacks Magic actually redsigned their site recently, it was much different before.

    And yes...their design is VERY SIMILAR to t11's. The footer, the 'featured' on the home page which is identical to the 'Latest News' on t11 homepage, dvd covers, even the flash player is similar!

    Wasn't theory11 design by WA007 Design company?

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