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  1. I was checking out Blaine's site and found this:

    Limited Edition Official "Anything Is Possible Bottle"
    They have finally been released.

    From Product Page:
    Only 44 being made, plus 5 "artists proofs".

    The catch?
    200 bucks a piece. ;)
  2. I love these. I thought about making one once, but never got around to the attempt. It's like a ship in a bottle for card magicians.
  3. do know if you knew how to compress glass into a bottle you could make one right?
  4. Haha of course i would! I don't know if i would sell it for 200 bucks though. But I could see this being a collectors dream if they could afford it. I think it's actually kind of cool, although I would not buy one.
  5. The whole point is lost if you make the glass around the cards. This guy doesn't do that. Also google Harry Eng. He was a bottle filler that was known for making amazingly puzzling bottle fills. Many with packs of cards.
  6. Whats an Artist Proof? :S

  7. The proofs would be kept by the artiest, and not sold. They usually don't count them in the limited edition count.
  8. Oh ok thanks,

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    This irritates me actually. Not the bottles, but these forums. A while ago, Jamie D Grant, the maker of these bottles, came onto these forums and told us all about these. He ended up getting severely bashed about the price etc. But of course as soon as they come off David Blaine's site, everyone's saying how cool they are and suchlike. Now I'm not trying to bash anyone here, don't get that impression, but it does annoy me. It's like the whole affair with the Gecko being released through Ellusionist, and suddenly it was noticed. Seriously, this really gets to me. Ok, rant over. For now :mad:
  10. Just because it's the same forum doesn't mean it's the same people making the comments. I have a huge issue with all the forum fanboy nonsense myself, but it's no better to generalize all the members of a forum as holding the same opinions. I am an artiest first, so I probably enjoy these kind of things more than most.
  11. I think these were seen originally from Harry Eng.
    You can learn to make these in the Art of Astonishment book.
    Its awesome. I made 1 in... 1.5 hours haha but it was worth it.
  12. This is possible by sticking the empty box first inside the bottle and then the cards, 1 by 1, then seal the box with a seal... I don´t know you guys but that´s how I made mine
  13. $200 is too much for me. He is going to make $8,800 if he sells them all (which he probably will).
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    Just curious, does anyone have any advice for how to get the box into the opening of the bottle without creasing the box? I tried rolling it but it always creases. So does anyone have tips for rolling it without creasing it?

    Note that I have AoA, but it's not very specific when it comes to the box.

    Also note that I tried taking the box apart and rebuilding the box in the bottle, but that didn't work out well. The bottle is too short to rebuild the box in the bottle.
  15. Hiya!

    Thanks for checking these out. It's an absolute honour to be associated with David and Fantasma and I hope these bring inspiration to some people.

    With regards to the method, I just wanted to quickly point out that my decks are also still in their cellophane, something not expained in AoA, or anywhere else for that matter.

    All my best!

    Anything is Possible,

    Jamie D. Grant
  16. Quite impressive! I was also going to keep the cellophane on, but wasn't sure if it'd be worth it to try it out, yet, given that I've still yet to get a card box in a bottle unscathed (I've been trying various methods outside of the bottle, first, but they just don't turn out as well as I'd hope they would--I'll post my final attempt, which will be tomorrow with a Ghost deck inside of a Crown Royal Canadian whiskey bottle, when I finish it).

    Still, I wouldn't mind one of those decks inside of a bottle with DB's signature on it...that'd be quite the collectible. Alas, lack of funds keeps such a thing out of my grasps (I'm still working on saving up for the TA set -_-). Eventually, hopefully. Eventually. :)
  17. Remarkable Bottles

    Hey guys,

    Just to clarify.. these bottles are simply beautiful, and each contain a Split Spade deck that has been signed by DB and resealed in the cellophane wrap. The cork is branded with a burnt db logo, and although 44 bottles were made only about 3/4 of those will be sold.. so they are really special. Every bottle is numbered and randomly contains a red, black, blue and even sepia SS deck, which has never been put on the market. It will be by the luck of the draw who receives what deck, but every person will posses an exceptional piece of art and a true collectors gem!

    Best wishes,
  18. A sepia SS deck? Ok, that is definitely awesome. I'd love to see one of those.
  19. sepia... ss....deck..? DDDD:
  20. Holy crap, sepia?
    I bet that would look pretty cool!

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