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  1. Love watching live performances. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Love watching the master at work. Some great spontaneous work right there. Love that he set up that first trick right in front of them. Now i have to re-train myself on that technique. Lol
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    All I have to say is WOW.. I dont want to reveal what he did but m*******a is a great book and as soon as I saw him start to faro the cards I knew exactly what was happening!
  4. Time to re-learn M*********. Great video, cheers for sharing :)
  5. well it's hard to forget it ;) I havent used it in ages and I still know most of the pack with the exception of maybe 5 cards.
  6. Okay, i have been out of magic for almost 10 years but what is M******a?
  7. Same as me...what is M******a?
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    I think the point they are trying to make is that they don't want to reveal his method. Do a bit of research into spanish card magicians, and eventually you should find what your looking for.

    And he was excellent as usual.
  9. This is a magic forum to help people learn the art of magic, I don't know why youre withholding information from them. Giving away the title isnt revealing the trick its offering people a chance to learn it for themselves with hard work and of course buying the book. It's mnemonica by juan tamariz. The book is spendy but well worth it!
  10. Thanks. I had just ordered this book a week ago and waiting for it to be delivered.
  11. Or how about they learn something instead of being spoon feed information, this is not impossible to find. I googled spanish card magician and literally the second search option was a Wiki page about Juan. It takes a simple google search to find this.
  12. Because before someone said Spanish Card magician I had no clue what they were talking about. Once someone said spanish card magician, the first thing that popped into my head was that guy in the purple top hat. I have met him a few times while hanging out at Magi fest and Glass City back in the 90's.

    As someone who owns an original run of Tops from the 30's- 50's and an original copy of the Tarbell by mail course, from my mentor, and cut my teeth on the Amature Magician's Handbook, I know how to find stuff but if i don't know what book to go digging in then makes it a little hard to find. I'm not asking to be spoon fed just the name of a book was all. Heaven forbid we talk about the names of magic books on a magician forum. It would be like me saying "I got that coin effect from a video called E**********************s.", or being cryptic and say it's by a guy from the coal fields who's dad was nicknamed Buddy. Instead I could just say I got it from one of the Michael Ammar videos. Not sure which one but there are only three of them. How hard is it to point someone in the right direction and let them dig into the book or video.
  13. Generally speaking, the harder you have to work for a piece of information the more value it will have once you possess it. Having no idea as to the experience level of those viewing, I thought it may be beneficial to them to have to do some digging and possibly for them to learn more about the spanish card magic scene, and more specifically Mr. Tamariz. Regardless, it never hurts to work on your research skills.
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    Your post about the Spanish magician was after I asked about the name of the book. I now who Tamariz is. I have seen him in person a few times back in the 90's Hard to forget his hat. I have worked hard for what I know. I learned almost everything from books or from my mentor. Here lets me give you a background so you know my experience level...

    I have been performing magic, both close up and cabaret, since 1994 when I met Tom Claytor at the night club my parents ran. I was elected president of IBM Ring 189 at age 17 and again the next year. While president I worked to bring back the installation dinner and was named magician of the year twice.

    After moving to WV in early 2000, I became the resident magician for Bristol Broadcasting. I did close up and walk around at station events, listener parties and for the musicians ,and NASCAR drivers who came to town for station events and concerts at the civic center. I have performed for the Andy Griggs, Rockie Lynne, Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw, the Warren Brothers, Faith Hill, Lee Ann Womack, NASCAR drivers Sam Hornish Jr., Sterling Marlin, Ron Hornaday and Kenny Wallace.
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    I wouldn't worry about it in the long run. People will go to great lengths for convenience, even if it ultimately would have been easier and faster to do the actual research. Can't win for losing. It's why I don't even recommend that many books these days beyond the beginner material that I champion from the rooftops.

    Very nice. I do have one question though. How exactly were we supposed to know all of this when we don't even know your real name? This is the internet, guy. The only reason I get away with some of the obtuse crap I say is because I spent so much time building up a reputation. Granted, it's a reputation of a guy with a lot of knowledge but a temper like a Hawaiian volcano (erupts every now and again, oozing fiery hatred and destruction across the countryside for weeks at a time), but it's a reputation.

    Someone seeing you here for the first time can't be reasonably expected to know everything about you. We get a lot of inexperienced guys asking, "What trick is this?" so a lot of us just have our general-purpose answers ready to go because it saves us time. Fair to you? Maybe not. Do we mean it as a personal dig? Of course not.
  16. This is particularly true for something like mnemonica, if someone doesn't have enough experience to know what it is from the clue M********, when they find out what it is, there is no way they will take the time to learn it. This will only push beginners to the way of thinking usually preferred by more experienced magicians which is more theory and idea based rather than just finding a video, and purchasing the one trick download or whatever. While we may loose some of the esoteric nature of magic to beginners,m people willing to put it in the time and study the correct way will still come out on top.
  17. I thought the getting back into it after a few years away would show I'm not someone new. Also in the coin section I was asking about books after Bobo. Most new guys seem to stay away from coin work since it takes more time and more work to get right. But no hard feelings.
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    Is there any way to perform the first effect david did without having to know the mnemonica stack because I have a idea where you just ask them to name a card and then find the card without them knowing by fanning the cards towards yourself saying you have to remove the jokers. After that put the card on top of the deck or put it on the bottom to gamblers cop it and then have them deal face down to stop when ever they want. When there done dealing pick up the cards to place the named card on the bottom. If you placed the card top it should already be on the bottom then just do a pass to the top and reveal the card ???????????
  19. Thank you really much Bob!

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