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    Two magicians David & Criss now idolized, really came to the rescue in a time where the magic industry needed a boost. Both, I feel helped bring a publicly renewed interest in magic. Mixing style, personality, and unique Stage like effects out to the streets. Not to say they were alone. But clearly they have become the symbols of the public eye in America and soon after captured the Worlds attention. And both mentored by great minds in Magic. Criss early with Banachek, and David with legendary Paul Harris. This is my take on David Blaine vs. Criss Angel.

    (GOLIATH) Criss Angel

    I do not think it's even arguable who has had more exposure. Criss Angel in the last 5 years has absolutely blown up becoming a sort of magical Celeb. The success of Mind Freak, and his highly publicized appearances on the talk show circut. Criss has become the rockstar of magic. But not without a price, in the last few years he has divorced his wife Joann 2007 and re-married once again to a woman named Trisha. But not before going out and playing the field a bit (who wouldn't) stirring up some controversy. Many following Angels career has complained about his recent persona. Touting he went from a cool rockstar type magic man, into a shirtless peck pulsing egocentric chick magnet. Which is backed up by the increased number of Female fans over the last few of years. Criss has built an empire, with an actual online store pushing Criss Angel products, toys, collectibles, and even womens panties! (See for yourself)


    David Blaine

    The first time I seen David Blaine I thought to myself this guy escaped not from a box, but a local Sanitarium. His unpredictable monotone-creepy style captured my attention, and wouldn't let go. From a spectators perspective he convinced everyone that he could perform miracles just by his personality. Then David would perform them right before your naked eyes. He amazed everyone with his style and mystical nature, and freaked a lot of God fearing people out in the process. Some would cry in a mix of fear and wonderment amidst his miracles. In plain english he F'ed with peoples heads! Both David and Criss used actual stunts to gain a wider exposure. Davids stunts usually involved feats of human endurance mixed with danger. Immortalized by these autographed collectible posters. A recent stunt/magic effect didn't go so well for him in a Central park. It is said a lack of wind was the culprit.

    Overall, it seems that David is much more humble. And while both are constantly compared to one another. I feel they are so much different. Without a doubt both I feel have contributed to renewing a deeper interest in the art of magic. By exposing unique effects to the world with the use of there celebrity.

    - What are your thoughts?
  2. its an apples and orange thign with the two....what david did at that time was groundbreaking, and caught the world by storm, i happen to think criss took it to a whole new level with mindfreak, however, criss was a different time than david, what david does from here on out will determine it all, criss has lost a lot of his core when they let sankey go. Its almost as if Criss saw what David could do and tried to one up him. I would really like to see the both of them do something that would come out around the same time or even have a dual. David was the originator, you can't take that from him. Criss was years later, its easy to out do what has already have been done.

    So right now, i'll call it a tie. I'd like to see them both have something in the works at the same time and see what happens.

    Although these two are kool and not competitors, i'd think the comparison between Danny and Wayne is much greater than David and Criss. Thats something to ponder on...who is better???
  3. doesnt matter. work on your pass.
  4. why state about a pass, stick to the topic...
  5. Wow lol. You didn't say much, but got your point across.
  6. This Is True. Criss Angel Just Has 10x's More Publicity And That's That. I Personally Like David Blaine, Love The Presentation
  7. personally, I think that david blaine has very, very poor presentation. He wouldn't know the meaning of entertainment if it punched him in the face. However, I'm not a big fan of Criss either, but I do think he is a very good entertainer/performer.

    But that's just my opinion. :)
  8. I dont like David magician persona. It seems boring. Criss is more active with his audiances.
  9. I think David blaine is an excellent performer. He does everything straight and to the point. Sure there are more interesting performers, but I would much rather watch Blaine.
  10. I wrote an eleven page paper on the subject for a college class.
    Got an A!!
  11. Blaine's presentation is something that others have tried to imitate and failed. He speaks minimally and gets the effect across as directly as possible. Unlike most people, he shuts up and lets people enjoy. His persona is something different and unique and he's one of those people that can convince you that he has magic powers. I like Blaine over Criss because i like closeup more than those illusions that Criss tries to do. And Blaine is just a nice guy while everyone says that Criss Angel is a complete *******.
  12. its not that his performance is boring, if you notice that his sedated look and slow speech is really what seperates him. criss is more like that guy you would walk by everday....david looks confused, its just his moniker,...his perfromance is great.....criss is also....i think we overanalyze the two.....david does a lot of things thats more textbook than criss, i'd give criss a one up on orginality, but i've seen some of david's newer stuff, he really picks up where he left off the first criss is more current, david is more repsected in the magic community than criss, also we must realize, that criss uses more camera than blaine, thats why you would think blaine is more textbook, but for you flourishers out there, blaine is heads and shoulders better, he mixes that with his material, criss does not.

    plain and simple: criss is just more commerical, blaine is textbook, if you are looking for precision: then blaine gets the nod....if not then you've got angel....
  13. i'd have to agree with you on that....
  14. I have a crappy pass and spectators never see or say anything.(maybe be because they shouldnt even be looking at the deck)
    So im guessing its not that important either.

    Anyway,ill try to be as un-biased because i absolutely..dislike criss..
    Camera trickery and egoism aside..
    Criss can put on one hell of a show. Yet his show feels hollow and tasteless most times.He has all of the spectacle,but not an ounce of artistic sensibility.
    Reminds me of michael bay.

    David has a presence that none can match and magic that is in your face and as real as possible.For T.V. however,for the layperson,his show may lack a little "umph". His magic sparks thought and discussion.but some lay people want a bit more spectacle.
    So for T.V. they both have ups and downs.I for one love watching David perform because he inspires people(like that man who's girlfriends face apeared on davids stomach.That scene made me cry)

    Cyril takayama,I feel,mixes perfectly artistic sensibilty with the demands for entertainment(spectacle)
  15. I really don't know how we can even compair these two.
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    I agree Cyril has the best of both. Although, I still love what David brings to the table with his edgy style of magic, and the character he has built behind it is second to none. All of them are still very young. And as I look toward the distant future, I feel they will all be contributing a ton more.

    - My thoughts
  17. I like David Blaine's performance style. Think about it, if you could do real magic, you wouldn't waste time talkling and making jokes, you'd just say "hey look at this". It makes his performance more real. Not saying that making jokes and such isn't bad, it's just that David wanted a more "creepy" "real" performance. As for Criss Angel....... *sigh* (shakes head)
  18. One of them is taller than the other. That's about it, actually.

    I don't really get these threads. They're all the same back and forth of people who say that Criss is a dickhead, the people that whine that what David does isn't presentation at all (odd logic, that), the people who hate them both, and the apologists for both.
  19. I have no prefrence, they're both very different.

    I'm a Copperfield guy.
  20. Every magician is different.

    Every person is different in fact.

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