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  1. So this morning I got the first card splitting download from blake and have gotten pretty good at splitting already in just a day because I already kind of knew how to split cards. I really want to make my own gaffed cards instead of buying them because I'm broke, but blake only goes through half of the gaffed card making process. the actual gluing together is talked about in a few books, but those were written half a century ago and methods change quite a bit so I was wondering if anyone knew if he was coming out with v2? or if they would mind sharing the ways they stick the cards together. Thanks!
  2. check my signature i have a video that i think goes through the process. if not i am actually going to be putting a video up about how to make gaffs.
  3. Yo Monte Master good question! I totally intend on putting out a Vol. 2 and 3. I want to cover everything you need to know when it comes to glueing and pressing and finishing basic card gaffs like double facers and backers. Then for Volume 3 I'm up for suggestions. I want to cover a couple tricky gaffs in Volume 3. Maybe half and half cards or possible acrobatic cards. Don't know yet. I'll probably take a poll and see what people want to learn. I will be busy for the next few months with a project but then I will put out Volume 2 :)
  4. Thanks Chris and Blake. I'll definitely check out the video and I look forward to the release of v2+3. One type of gaffed card I think would be really cool to learn how to do is a mispipped card like in Dan Harlan's Red Rover trick. I've also seen it used in a monte routine from Derek Delgaudio and it was super impressive. I just recently got Reflections by Heldar Guimaraes and he uses a lot of gaffed cards in quite a few of his routines and the mispip is one of them along with your standard double backers and facers.
  5. thanks i'll be sure to check this one out too and see what it's got
  6. It is late September and I just got this video download. After already going through Magic Makers "The Art of Card Splitting" many times and using "Cannibal" by Kevin Reylek with some great streamline ideas for splitting, I came across this gem and must say - "Wow, this is some informative stuff that will not only increase my speed, but my quality as well." Any Idea on a time frame for V2 and V3? Can't wait to get my hands on them. Thanks for the great work so far.
  7. Hi Guys
    I recently downloaded V1 & V2 - this is really the definitive work on the subject. No detail is overlooked and Blake's explanations are excellent. I too am looking forward to V3 and would like some advice and tips from Blake on shimming cards. Keep up the good work Blake!

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