Blank Theory11 Cards ?

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  1. I was wondering if any theory 11 decks included a blank sided card or are they normally just double backers ? I have quite a collection from them and thought maybe I'm missing the exact one that would have included the blank card . Thank you in advance for your response .
  2. There’s an edit option at the bottom of the post.
    Anyways, I can’t find a T11 deck with a blank card so what I do is erase the ink off the ad card using acetone. You can’t do it for every ad card though, but for some like Monarchs, you can.
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  3. Awesome I'll try that ..
    I was doing some googling and came across the aristocrats . Apparently they have a blank card instead of a double backer .
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  4. Oh, that’s the one deck I didn’t pick up haha
  5. I do not believe that normal Aristocrats come with a blank card. You may have seen one of the specially printed versions from another company. theory11 carries standard USPC version of the Aristocrat deck, and they do not have blank cards.

    None of our custom decks come with blank cards. Some come with double backers.

    // L
  6. Oh snap.. I was going of someone's review and ordered some
    Oh well I guess I'll just have more cards ..
    any way you see theory11 making a deck of nothing but double backers and blanks for most of your printed decks ?
    It would have 2 double and 2 blanks for monarchs same for artisans so on and so forth ?
  7. Just wondering , does theory11 provide coupon codes often to their customers somehow ? Picked up the Sherlock book and after watching the video wanted to order the second book but was hoping to find a coupon . Thanks in advance
  8. Sorry, no code. You'll have to order Gatsby separately. I used a bunch of my elite points to drop the price down, and for this release, it's well worth it.
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  9. I just received my Aristocrats and it includes a black faced card . Unless these are fake theory11 and they are made from a different company.
    I didn't see any theory 11 ad cards . Any way to know if these are real theory11 ? I've gone through a couple unboxings and haven't been able to figure out.
  10. Aristocrat decks are NOT a theory11-printed deck. They are designed and printed by the US Playing Card Company (like Bicycle, Bee, and Tally Ho), and we just buy them direct from USPC. What they have inside is out of our control. The deck is real, but it is not a theory11 deck.

    // L
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  11. Man your on point !
    Thanks for the quick response

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