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  1. In another thread, we were talking about the availability of blank decks and gaffs like double-backers, so my question is what do you use those cards for?

    Blank Cards

    Caleb Wiles - Holy Blank (comes with the deck)
    Bannon's Duplicity
    Craig Petty's Blank (comes with cards to do all effects except Wipeout)
    Craig Petty's Wipeout (need to get your own cards)
    Dean Dill's Blizzard
    Fulves Gemini Twins (in my variation all cards are blank except selected)
    Erazer by Adrian Gower (my own version)

    Double Backed Cards (including Red/Blue)

    The Perfect Force or the 203 Force
    Stranger Card (off Army of 52 DVD)
    Anniversary Waltz
    Cheek to Cheek
    Omni Deck (my own handling)
    Jay Sankey's Carbon Paper (my own handling)

    Double Faced Cards

    Tommy Wonder's Tamed Card
    Jim Steinmeyer's Pastboards Under Glass (neat force, but I use something different in my routine)
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  2. Blank cards can be used for Elmsley's Four Card Trick, you do not *have* to use blanks, but you are left with a slight inconsistency if you don't.
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  3. I use blank cards and Kings for my 'Assembilicious' routine which I posted on this forum a while ago (see here). Strictly speaking it doesn't have to be blank cards, but it makes the effect clearer and a few of the displays easier as you don't have to worry about those 'Elmsley descrepancies'!

    I love playing around with gaffs.

    I have a routine in the works called 'Blankerchief' (working title!) inspired by a Jay Sankey effect. Three cards are chosen, One is found out in the open using 'sleight of hand', the deck is the 'sleight proofed' by wrapping in a handkerchief with the second card penetrating the fabric. Finally, the wrapped deck is handed to a spectator and all the cards turn blank apart from the final selection.

    I've also been working on a combination of 'Bizarre Twist' and 'Anniversary Waltz' which uses blank backed cards. Still haven't quite got a presentation for it yet.

    Good Thread!

  4. Blank
    Greg Wilson's Ambitious Card
    Jay Sankey's Brainwash
    Patrick Kun Snow Blind
    Polaroid 1 & 2 by Spidey
    Connection by Spidey

    Double Backers
    Alex Pandrea's Chicago Opener
    Spidey's Squancho
    Some Versions of Triumph
    2 Card Monte

    Double Facers
    The Widdison Steal
    Alan Wakeling Aces Front
    Alan Wakeling Card to Wallet (Signature collector)
  5. Great thread. Is there a way to follow or bookmark this thread?
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  6. I have for an idea for a routine that involved a double blank deck--except one card has a rabbit drawn on it, classic pass (or whatever pass you decide to use), Clipshift, and Raise Rise.

    The goal is to show phases of the rabbit 'jumping' through the deck. Ending with Raise Rise to show it slowly hopping up to the top of the deck.
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  7. There should be a "Watch thread" button just under the title, on the right side of the page.
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  8. I like that one. Now you have me wanting to get The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings (have Jenings '67 and love it
    ). I'll have to do some research with what books I have. I think there are variations of Ambitious Classic to look up -- Amorphous Aces in The Secrets of Brother John Hammond, The Magic "Six" in Apocalypse and 5 Speed in Totally Out of Control. I can probably spend a couple of hours researching Reset. I've got AoA for the original and can find variations in Apocalypse, The Collected Almanac, Card College, The Card Magic of Nick Trost and Vortex.

    Where is the Mark Leveridge Reds and Blacks routine found?

    And now I've got to go crack open The Magic of Alan Wakeling.
  9. I learned it from his Penguin Live lecture, though It's probably in one of his books somewhere. His handling was a straight-forward routine in which a black card rises to the top of a pile of red cards four times. Very clean and impromptu, but I felt it lacked an ending, hence my routine. My handling ended up being completely different to Mark's though.

    Mark's lecture is great though. He's pretty old school and very 'commercially' orientated (hence his success) but I love his performance manner and humour. Plus, I bought my first 'real' magic tricks from him over fifteen years ago, so there's also the nostalgia factor!

  10. I love his card to wallet but I have never been able to find cheap double backers to perform with.
  11. Double facers :) You were testing me to see if I actually looked at the routine. I thought the routine was ingenious. I love effects where you hide in plain sight.
  12. Haha, woops that was just a typo.

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