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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by scarecrow1, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, just curious if any of you guys have this problem and what you do to fix it.
    Okay, so I always like wearing bracelets and my favorite ring (sometimes two) and sometime they hinder in magic. Sometimes a coin clinks on a ring, sometime a ring will give me less grip when I do an Erdnase, or in other situations in performing magic. What do you guys do to solve this? Am I the only one that has this problem? Do you just learn to cope with it, or just take your ring of before performance? Thanks.
  2. I usually will take off my ring, bracelets have never hindered my performances though.
  3. Another option is to practice with them on. If the conditions for practice and performance are the same, you shouldn't run into that type of issue. (Note that I realize this would probably mean having to re-learn some sleights, to make up for the extra bling)

    Also note that Daniel Garcia often performs with excessive bling on his fingers (and bracelets on his wrists), so we know it's at least possible (theoretically possible for a non-pro) to perform with amazing accuracy whilst wearing exorbitant amounts of bling. ;)
  4. Thanks! I'll probably do that.
  5. It is certainly possible to perform with bling on. It probably does hinder a few every now and again, and it means you have to be careful - but it also means you'll be more economical and precise in a lot of your sleights, which is a good thing.

    Also, once your sleights are down, then you can even think about how you can use it to your advantage.

    I read recently about a magician who used a finger ring as a convincer - as he performed a coin vanish, he flashed the ring so that it would catch the light in such a way as to resemble the coin still being there (in reality already having been vanished). Another thing i can think of would be to clink a coin against a bracelet as a sound convincer, when the other coin has in fact been sleeved.
  6. Don't be a girl, take the jewelry off! Problem solved. :D hope I don't get yelled at for that :p Oh man your gonna hate me for saying that... oops!
  7. If it's not part of your performance costume, or something you will be using in your show, don't wear it.
  8. Take them off when you know you will be doing a routine that is hindered due to them....problem solved.
  9. i wanted to say that....don't get that mixed with Criss Angel, he wears a lot of stuff, but the guy is well rounded, everything he wears will be something that can be used....he is no dummy...
  10. simply take it off if it bothers you DUH! just kidding man. But thats the only solution.
    Or just put the rings on the other hand that you know wont hinder your magic.
    I switch mine to my left hand when im with cards.

    BTW. People still say bling? geez I thought that was over in 2005.
  11. Tis True.

    Practicing with them on can also help you avoid this. I usually have a watch and one ring on when doing magic. Never been in my way, but the ring is on my left hand.

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