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  1. So what do you guys think of the new site that opened a couple days ago.. That pass looked pretty crazy!
  2. Pandrea does indeed have one of the best passes I've ever seen on video. The Jason England and Alex Pandrea downloads are probably two of the finest resources you'll find of the classic pass for cheap in a video format.

    That being said, not a fan of the rest of the site. Color scheme is nice, though. Oh, and...

    Erdnase t-shirts are HOT. But, frankly, I can't shell $30 for one. Especially if I'll outgrow it in a year or two tops.
  3. That Brick Pass looks amazing! And I do look forward to the blue crown magic in the future! Some of their stuff looks quite interesting! =)
  4. I like were it's going so far. Another great looking magic company with legit looking magic. Great guys included as well. My favorites, Balay, Roth, and it looks like Dan White is included.
  5. Blue Crown is an exceptional company from what I've seen so far. I love the look. The music. The production. Not to mention the effects. It's refreshing a refreshing take on magic that I can proudly say I'm putting high on my list of go to sites. Won't say which sites are on the list. I love that the effects they've put out so far are extraordinary. Out of the box ideas that will put a nice spin on your repertoire. Not just regular card or coin effects. Aside from David Roth's piece, which does look excellent.
  6. I love the fact that a new site has opened. I feel like there will be more competition this way you know? It's almost like each site has it's own skill sets and whatnot and you can choose which path you want to go on.. lol but maybe I'm a weirdo for thinking that way haha.
  7. I don't see a new site as a new path. Theory11 or ellusionist or penguin, papercrane, or anywhere else, are not paths. If you set out on a path directly of a particular site, you'll limit yourself. I see them as different views and ideas. More sources to expand my knowledge. A different interpretation of how magic should be.
  8. Yes, the brick pass look really amazing, so fast and fluid!
  9. Well of course. It's never a good idea to JUST limit yourself, but I'm saying don't you notice how most sites try to get exclusive material, sooo if you like a certain style you will gravitate toward a certain site?
  10. Thanks so much for the responses guys! We've gotten so much awesome feedback so far. The team has been working really hard on everything and we continue to do so even after launch. Our "Artifice Ruse and Subterfuge" forums will be all skinned out and ready to go very soon, even though we got some interesting posts already going in there. Thanks again for all the support, and if you have any questions on anything we'll be happy to answer.


    P.S. Playing cards coming really soon also woo hoo!
  11. I'm Really liking what that site has to offer!

    I bought the BrickPass DL and was so happy! Made my pass that much better with his insight and tips and things I been having trouble with... after I watched the DL and practiced non-stop for couple days... I showed it to my girlfriend and she was impressed to say the least and if I can impress her, I know it's good haha.. still practicing though to get it solid as pandrea!

    otherwise I'm looking forward to more DL's and DVD's and other stuff!

    Great job man!
  12. 3ryk, thanks so much! That really means a lot. The brick pass is meant to give you extra tips and improve what you are already doing...I definitely think everyone should pick up the Jason England download to have a great base to start from! We are obviously still a new company so any feedback, good or bad is very much appreciated! We want to learn from you guys, and are inspired by guys like theory11 and dan and dave! Stay tuned we have a lot of great things down the line very soon.

  13. I bought the Erdnase shirt last week. Can't wait for it to come!
  14. I have one and have worn it quite a bit, and it's super comfortable! I love it. Make sure you get it by Saint Patricks Day so you have something green to wear! That's what I will be wearing on Thursday. :)
  15. No doubt Pandrea!!

    The tips and nuances you gave helped the pass I was currently doing much better.. Thanks a lot! still have one issue I'm trying to work around.. but hopefully it'll nice! haha
  16. If I remember correctly, you got a Large erdnase, you must have grown a lot since gum! :p Let us know how you like the shirt, Jeff!


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