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  1. Its blue and its in print. Well maybe not, but its a 1 on 1 video based off of the fingerprint plot by Dai Vernon. Welcome to Blueprint by Chris Kenner.


    Unlike most reviews I do, I will not talk about each section individually. Rather, I will talk about certain topics that I think should be addressed.


    Great teaching. You'll have no problem. Moving on....


    Totally practical. In my opinion, I'd call it impromptu just because of how simple the set up is. You can barely even call it that. You'll have no problem doing this under your spectator's face. Seriously. Its not even much of a set up. However, technically it is considered set up. However, ironically the set up is actually one of the best things about this effect. (Details in next section.) Overall, the method is great. You should have basic knowledge of sleight of hand when doing this. Its not 100% self working. However, its still very simple. So.... Just about impromptu and easy.

    Set Up

    The reason why I said the set up is one of the best parts of this 1 on 1 is because this set up will actually teach you a card control! Imagine this. A card is selected and placed back into the center of the pack. Yes, I mean REALLY in the center. No break or anything. Yet, you could cut to that card any time you wanted to. You still have control over that card. This is what's taught in the 1 on 1. The set up I guess you could call "gimmicked". I put that in quotes because the "gimmick" takes about 10 seconds to make. Don't worry, its not like you need any tools or anything. Just your two hands and those pieces of paper. What do they call them? Oh right, cards. This control is very simple to do and honestly could had sold as a 1 on 1 on its own. So.... don't just think "Oh, he's doing this for this one trick." Really think about how you could put this into your other routines. Its a great control and is probably one of the easiest you can do.

    What's funny about this is that you could probably set yourself up for this trick and even make the "gimmick" under your audience's face without them noticing if you really wanted to.:p Anyway, very easy set up. I wouldn't even consider it set up. If you already use this control which is possible, then this trick should be considered impromptu. Again, I can't stress enough that this set up... is barely set up.

    Is the faro taught?

    Nope. Chris used a faro shuffle in the preview for this 1 on 1. This is not taught. Instead, he teaches you a different way on the video. Instead of shuffling, you just cut to their card rather than doing a faro as seen. At the end of the video though, he says that he does it with a faro shuffle and it is shown how he does it. He does not teach it though. Don't expect to learn the faro shuffle from this video. You won't. The effect to the spectators will seem exactly the same either way you do this. So don't worry about that. Just wanted to clear up some possible confusion.

    Final Thoughts

    Its a neat effect. Its just about impromptu. It has a card control that could be used in many of your already existing card routines and could probably had been sold as a 1 on 1 on its own. I have performed this many times and it gets great reactions. As it said in the description, there are no dupes. Just you and your deck of cards. Everything is examinable at the end. Beginners in magic especially will appreciate this trick because you will learn quite a bit from this video. For those who are more experienced and don't know this control that Chris does, you'll get a cool trick along with a great control. For those of you that already know the control and know some basic sleight of hand already.... Well you'll get a cool trick. ;)

    Overall I enjoy it and I think you will too.Give this one a whirl. If you don't....



  2. Great review and i always knew Chris was some sort of dinosaur.
  3. Rrrrroooooooooooaaaarrrrrrrrr!!
  4. AHHHHHHHH but Chris what type of dinosaur do you really want to be?
  5. i think thats a subliminal joke call chris old lol
  6. It actually wasn't. You just made it one though. ;)

  7. Thanks for another great review Doug. Keep up the great work. Love how you put screen shots in them. It makes them more awesome than they already are.

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