Bluff pass?

Aug 15, 2017
So... I was thinking of learning the bluff pass.

What do you guys feel about this sleight?
I know it looks bold but works completely, but wanted to know if you guys do it. it worth it?
What do you guys think?


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Nov 24, 2015
I personally don't use the bluff pass but it can be useful for some tricks. It isn't hard to learn, you just need to know your angles and you should be good. Just keep in mind that it exists because I have seen people who use a Marlo tilt than show it at the top to get it second from the top.
Jan 26, 2017
Well, I use it A LOT. Imo:
It is totally worth it. The Misdirection involved is super easy to do, there are so many subtitles you can add to it, and if you work around some stuff, you can get rid of almost all angle issues. I like it better than Marlo's Tilt because to me, Marlo's Tilt is never natural enough. No one really puts a card in the deck that way, and whilst there are subtitles you can use for it, I find that they make it look more unnatural. Now, this is from watching other people perform it, and from experimenting with it myself. If done right, it is a very powerful move. But it shouldn't look like a move. Which it does with all the subtleties. Essentially, the tilt looks like "Watch me absolutely normally put the card into the deck" as opposed to just putting the card in the deck casually and moving on with the trick.

IMO, it is easier to do and cleaner than the tilt, and the subtleties you can use are amazing. Once I started incorporating a couple of them in with it, I was fooling my self visually in front of a mirror.
Jun 1, 2009
I use the bluff pass all the time. I do the dribble version rather than riffle, and it flies by people. I'd highly recommend learning it, PM me for help if you need it. It's bold at first, but if you do bold moves casually it's hard to detect them.
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