Blur by Robert Ybarra

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by roby11, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. Right now my headphone is really messed up and I can't hear anything. But all I saw was you talking for that 1 min and 23 seconds...
  2. Omfg?! o_O
    How did you do that?!

    Well, seriously...
    the idea of the illusion you are telling us sounds very nice.
    But i thought that you would perform it for us beacuse it was a video :D

    Well...please record a performance where what you are telling us really happens :)
  3. The story Im talking about was at a friends birthday. Hope You guys like it!
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    Ill try to get a live performance but its highly doubtful. Because I do not own a video camera at the time

    I really hope you guys like the effect.

    I wanted something that was simple to do but hit hard. Simple effects are always the best.

    I also have other variations of the beer can trick.

    lemme know what you guys think!

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