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  1. Hey guys, I'm going to buy the coin's bible, but I don't know which one..
    The "old" which costs around 10 dollars, or the new one which costs around 50...
    Could you tell me the differences ? I read there were 4 more chapters in the new one, but what are they about? Thanks guys :p
  2. I don't own the new one, and I'm not a coin magician, but everyone I've ever talked to who actually does own it, recommends the new one. Sorry I can't be of any more help. This question has been asked before though, do a search and there are other answers from memory.
  3. Well I did search for it and only found this thread which isn't exactly extensive about the subject :D
    Thanks for answering though !
  4. Well, I was the one who posted that comment and I will have to say that you should get the new one. Here are the reasons:

    1. Hard back is way cooler that soft back
    2. 4 New chapters (other than that, it is the same book)
    3. It has the word "New" in it.
    4. With the crazy weather in the states recently, it is always smart to invest in the future.
    and 5. Because the movie 2012 was probably one of the worse movies alive, convincing everyone that John Stamos should stop producing movies.

    I hope these very, very valid points sways you in the right way ;-D
  5. What is in those four new chapters?
  6. If you seriously want to study Bobo, get Bobo's MODERN Coin magic, which ironically enough is not the new one at all. The "new" Bobo (which again, is actually titled Modern) is the original copy of the book (in pages) and the Dover publication cut off the pages due to some reason.

    The Dover edition (which is the $10 one you are talking about) does have some pages left out like what RediSpades said. However, many serious coin workers state that the extra money is worth towards those pages missing.

    4 Chapters is actually a lot of pages missing, so you cannot state both editions are the same.

    I personally do not own either (I am saving towards for the Modern/New book) but I'm sure those extra chapters will help.
  7. I don't like to discredit you or anything, but they are both Bobo's Modern Coin Magic. The one with "New" at the beginning is the SAME except there are four additional chapters. As far as what those four chapters are, I don't have the book on me right now, but I will try and get the answer to you as quickly as possible. (I will PM the one who asked it and I will post it here).
  8. Ok thanks guys! I'm not sure why yet but I'll buy the 50 dollars, white hardcover one :D
  9. You want the enlarged 2nd edition.
  10. The answer to your question is in this very thread.
  11. The "New" one isn't really "New", it's just in its 14th printing. You want the second edition which is the expanded version of New Modern...
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    Four Additional Chapters

    The four additional chapters are Lessons in Coin Magic, Selected Coin Tricks, Trick Coin Miscellany: gimmicks vs. non and Latest Coin Box Magic. If you want to know what they contain click here.


  13. Don't have the old one... only the new one I have seen the old and there is a huge size difference and the new one is packed with heaps of good material. I'd say the new one...

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