Bodybuilding and Magic - Lookalikes?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by magicman2292, Aug 5, 2009.

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    Ok, im a magician and a bodybuilder... and recently ive beena bit pre occupied with bodybuilding... but im pretty experienced in both fields, so heres what i found... check this out..

    Franks McGrath: the Daniel Madison of bodybuilding.. one of the most respected BBers



    Alexey Lesukov: The Andrei Jikh of Bodybuilding. hes 21 and hes an IFBB pro.. and hes russian.


    Arnold Schwarzenegger: The David Copperfield of BBing... #1 in the world.. and they look alike.


    its amazing how similar these people are in the hobby of their choice... its like it all connects...

    EDIT: oh and this thread is KINDA about magic too... so dont close/delete mods
  2. Dude, that second guy's legs were TOO big. Hope he's not on roids.
  3. If i wanted to see half naked men id still be in scouts

    but yes there are some similarities, although i think finding a bb that takes pics in black and white and labeling it daniel madison is stereotyping
  4. Jesus Christ, you made a thread about this already and it got closed like a week ago, get a life.
  5. Hey Magicman,

    Now I understand you're trying to show your love of bodybuilding and magic to everyone, but the thread does not JUST have to be related to magic but, possibly allow a somewhat intelligent conversation regarding magic.

    A look-a-like thread to bodybuilding I believe does spark ANY conversation about magic but more-so about bodybuilding. So, I understand this is something you're passionate about but theory11 is not the right place for it.

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