Bone's Anaconda Dribble

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  1. I've been working on the Anaconda dribble, and I can now do it 2 to 2.5 feet high. I was wondering if some people could give me some help with this, though. So first of all, how high should it be before it can be considered the Anaconda Dribble?
    Also, in your opinion does it look better with the deck face up or face down?
    Oh yeah, and what's the correct method for catching the cards? I've been catching the cards in a straddle between my index and my pinky, without my thumb and the 2nd and 3rd fingers on the side. Like when doing the West Coast Chaos/Scissor cut.

    If you have any other tips for this very long dribble I'd appreciate it. (Like any tips for getting the dribble 3 feet and above)
  2. Dam, I cant even do a regular dribble dude. To make your anaconda longer (mmmheh heh heh uhhhh huh uh huh) just practice making it even as possible.
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    EDIT: What would we do without trashmanf...?
  4. hahahahahaha nice one!!!!
  5. I don't get it, can someone explain it? :confused:
  6. anaconda=[insert explicit male part here]

    lol.....longer? get it???!!! hehehehe

    kinda immature but somehow funny
  7. I was kidding- I just wanted to see somebody try to explain it to me. lol
  8. hahaha i had a feeling. good one. :D
  9. Where can I learn how to do this Anaconda Dribble it's so awesome.
  10. Haha, Ummmm yeah rub your deck and you Anaconda will get longer....

    But seriously, there isn't any public tutorial out right now (there was at one point I believe) but you can dig through webarchives (like I do a lot) and look for it yourself, best you can do right now is watch and re-watch his vids with it and try to pick up tips from the man himself....
  11. This would probably be the most funny battle.
  12. I'd say

    Longest Anaconda Driddle: Voting Open

  13. Crap, no one's answered my questions...except, of course, how to make "it" longer...
  14. Practice man. There's no other answer. There's no tutorial on it, so no one knows that exact method.

    It's basically just a very long dribble. Just practice making it long and smooth

  15. ah thanks man. so how long should it be before you can show it to others? or, i mean, before you can consider it the anaconda dribble?
  16. Maybe Theory 11 will have bone ho do a 1 on 1 on the Anaconda dribble. ;)
  17. Heads up guys.

    All I can say is, if you're looking for the anaconda dribble, it's on your way soon.

    100% Bone Certified. =)

    And no, it won't be a 1 on 1... because it's gonna come straight from The Virts, and you won't have to pay for it, if you know where to look.

    Huron Low, The Virts
  18. Cool! Thanks Huron! I look forward to the DVD and the Anaconda tutorial. Although, I think I already have the right technique.

    Restating my previous question:
    How long should this flourish be before you can either:
    1. Show it off to others as THE ANACONDA
    2. Consider it the Anaconda
    3. All of the above
  19. It should be as long as you think it should. You'll know when you're ready to go out and perform it, trust me.

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