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  1. Is there an effect out there that goes like this?

    A travel book, a dictionary and a cookbook -- Predict the city and country, the name of the restaurant and the dish ordered using the books - the prediction is revealed using a menu that was sitting beside the spectators the whole time.

    I would like to know if there is a book test like that available.
  2. thats where i got it from, I was just wondering if there is a version like that for sale.
  3. There isn't. For now, it is a do it yourself idea.
  4. There a lot of book tests out there, but I tend to like Cody Fisher's Comedy Book Test or Shawn Farquhar's Sheer Luck. Both play very nicely. They amaze and create laughter.
  5. Zandman is my favorite hands down!
  6. Same. I actually just found out yesterday that there are more than just the three that Theory11 sells
  7. Yup! There is Christmas carol, a book that is title is secret till you buy it, Alice (this one has an amazing teacher ;) ) and the newest one to come out very soon called Time Machine.

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