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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Adrian Honcharov, May 30, 2013.

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  1. Hello dear Theory 11 !
    I'd like to ask you about such product like Scott tribute by underground pro Daniel Madison. I am doing magic for 2 years and i am big fan of Daniel. I have decided to buy Anthology or how to cheat at cards + Scott tribute. But to be honest i have not find out some good reviews about this products in the internet. So if you dont mind, those of you who have these books can you give me some review abouth them. Do they really worth they money and will i be able to perform Scott Triubte ( i mean is the explenation good enough to learn this awesome efect )
    Thank you alot, Adrian
  2. Yes, it's good enough to teach you how to do it, but you'll have to practice to be good at it.

    Anthology is pretty much everything he's put out. HTCAT is a focused primer on card cheating techniques.

    Which are you looking for?
  3. As Christopher said, what are you after exactly? And if you don't have any of DM's work yet, I would definitely recommend it. His persona can be a bit much at times but his work is in my opinion excellent.
  4. I don't really get the whole Scott tribute thing, its quite a standard gambling demonstration, ignore the fact that its a borrowed deck as in that particular scenario it doesn't matter.
  5. I have Dangerous and Players by Daniel Madison, and i am quite impressed by his skill. I like tricks where you require palming or tricks where you can demonstrate your card skill. I dont know exactly what is better because there is no video about Anthology or HTAC but there is DvD video tutorial of Scott Tribute, and this has impressed me so much ! I am just curious what do you think about these book ?
    By the way i am from Ukraine so books like this can be quite difficult to understand ( DvDs are much more fun to watch :) ) But i have 1 book called If an Octopus could palm, and i had no problems to understand it :D So what advices can you give to me ?
  6. Get Anthology. That book has so many good ideas and effects in there. I actually have 2 copies of that book; one in the packaging and one that I peruse every now and again. If you get it, make sure you read EI8HT2WO. It's seriously one of the best tricks I've ever seen.
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  7. I have read the book it from Amazon..i also think you should read it...
  8. You can build a career off anthology and some good scripting.
  9. I don't think that book is actually available on Amazon.

    I think you're probably confusing this with another Anthology as it's a common title.
  10. Please don't bump old threads. This thread was last used in 2013, two and a half years ago.


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