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Dec 18, 2007
Northampton, MA - USA
I've been fortunate over the years to have uncanny access to all forms of magic and magic methods, it's a situation that goes all the way back to the late 1960s to present. In this array of "blessing" I've been allowed into the mind of one of Mentalism's rising stars -- Jerome Finley.

While I do not visualize Jerome in the role of the classic Mind Reader I most certainly see him as the new mode of Psychic Entertainer or, as he puts it, "A Psychic that's an Entertainer" -- a very important distinction in that much of what he does and how he uses Mentalism ties directly to his personal belief system and way of life.

PSYCHIC DIRECTIONS is, in my opinion, a MUST for anyone that leans towards to Old School approach to Mentalism; those of us that aren't timid when it comes to playing the Psychic vs. the safer role of Intellectual or just plain Showman vs. Shaman. Then again, the information conveyed in this particular treatise is appropriate for us all in that it deals with the elementary understanding of basic "Psychic" education i.e.; Astrology, Numerology, Psychology, Color Associations, etc.

Unlike Richard Webster, who gave us uncanny insights of this sort in the late 70s and early 80s, Jerome dares to take us deeper into these elements and forces us to think about how such rudimentary knowledge not only empowers us, but improves the quality and validity of our claim, even if we're taking that Banachek style of route.

FULL-CONTACT MIND READING (CMR) is a book that I've fallen in love with this past week. I've worked with Pendulums, Dowsing Tools and related techniques for 40ish years. I've learned a great deal about direct contact and non-contact when it comes to body language and the ideomotor affect. But in this HUGE tome (practically a full ream of paper) Jerome reveals techniques and approaches very few are privy to. The frightening thing is, this is just his "introductory" work to the topic, not his Master Essay.

THOUGHT CHANNEL I & II of course, have an almost legendary status amongst working pros because of how it allows you to master the classic "Which Hand" type routine while expanding on the act in ways that can be mind-bobbling even after you've studied the material and learned how to work with it.

I could run further down the list but there's no need to, Jerome's work has spoken for itself over the past few years. It is always heavy reading both, figurative and by page count and too, it is always expensive (each book averages around $300.00). But for that price you get a glimpse at real magick or as I see it "Mentalism in it's purest state"

A close friend of mine loves the "Which Hand" challenge and has spent hundreds of dollars if not thousands, on gimmicks that allow him to perform it and yet, he will not sit down and learn how to do the bit "cold" and gimmick free. In other words, he's another magician that wants to be a Mentalist but lacks the guts to do so. . .
. . . at least that's how I view such attitudes (not that I'm judgmental or anything)​

I know that many choose to use the easiest most direct methods they can so as to focus on performance. I understand this and to a heavy degree, agree with it. BUT, I also question this habit and our inability to replicate what we do on stage using gaffs & devices vs. working prop free in the moment.

Mentalists aren't Magicians that need to ask for a deck of cards, are we? ::)

Anywho, I just wanted to extend some well placed kudos to a young man that's helping restore the idea of Magick when it comes to our craft. ;)
Dec 18, 2007
Northampton, MA - USA
I'm not familiar with the term "Which hand", is it some sort of "divination" or simply a "guess in which hand I have the paper"?

Often known as the "Sinner or Saint" routine; in the most basic form you have two individuals, one that must tell the truth at all times no matter what and the other that must lie no matter what. The mage does not know which is which, this is decided upon by the two participants as is who, between them, retains a small stone or artifact. Asking one question the mage knows who is the Truth Teller and how has the artifact (see Book of Haunted Magick pg. 68 "Truth of the Relic").

There are many expensive electronic versions of this on the market but you'd be best off learning the legit techniques explained by Jerome, Byrn Reynolds and Patrick Redford . . . Byrn's method (Safwan Papers) being covered in Jerome's "Thought Channel II" (you must have "Thought Channel I" to follow the sequel). In the Thought Channel system you can know from dozens of participants, who is holding the relic and in which hand WITHOUT asking a single question. . . but we are talking about "real" Mentalism here.
Sep 15, 2015
Not sure you would see, I have a question.

Is there any difference in TC1 and TC2?
I already bought and read TC1 but not TC2.
I'm not sure to buy TC2....
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