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  1. Hello everyone, now i can't think of the exact word so I'll apologise in advance if i don't explain myself properly.

    Now for a while I've been using this site and YouTube to learn about performance, now i don't mean how to do tricks as i have books to read that give me tricks i can learn, I'm on about the other side of that, by that i mean what you do as the performer.

    Are there books or dvds that a magician talks about working on script, structure, dealing with people in general and general etiquette when performing or working on something.

    Again i apologies if i haven't explained myself properly I'm struggling with the right word which I can't for the life of me remember.
  2. Most of the tutorial videos will allow you to understand from the creator/magician's point of view on how to handle certain situations, whether it comes to the patter (script) or the angles.

    Ultimately it is how you want to structure your trick. The tricks are just tools for you. For example, this is what I do. I give the spectator a King and a Queen. I ask them to place it anywhere they want in the deck, by which I control them to the top and to the bottom.

    Then I ask them if they heard of the story of "Orpheus and Eurydice". And go on a story telling mode while I perform that trick.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but what you're experiencing is that you know tricks and card controls, but you don't know how to use them without a script or a setting, is that correct?
  3. there are quite a few books and resources out there about developing a character, often times once you have your character nailed down, the performance becomes almost second nature. I found The Approach by Jamie D Grant a huge help with developing my character. once I had that I found myself not even needing to think about how to perform something it just started naturally forming.
  4. I was recommended Darwin Ortiz 'Strong Magic' and it was fantastic advice. A great read, no tricks, all presentation and theory. An easy read to boot.
  5. Larry Haas - Transformations
    Pete McCabe - Scripting Magic
    Darwin Ortiz - Designing Miracles
    Ken Webber - Maximum Entertainment.

    If you can get just one, get Transformations.

  6. Firstly thank you all for your responses, i will look into them all as always.

    But as far as what @Jun.Hwang said at the end of his reply, yes you are semi correct.

    I know a few tricks and controls and for the most part I can do them without any sort of setting and i have started to adapt to the situation I'm in if the situation needs me to but yes, i do struggle a bit with script as i could write it down and rehearse it but if still end up forgetting it and setting as i mentioned above is something that i try to adapt to whether I'm doing a trick in public or in a building with a table i can use.

    I'm trying to focus on / look for street magic card tricks or tricks i can do with a borrowed item as i know I'm not always going to be able to use cards in every situation i come to.
  7. A trick is just a trick, it's the story and presentation that adds flavour to it. Come up with something on your own, make up a story and use it. Let that be your script/patter. Most tutorial videos will often share how they will present the trick and the patter that they use. You can use those for a start before you come up with something on your own.

    Like when I perform a simple colour change, I always ask them, "wouldn't it be nice if you could, in a game of Poker, magically change the card that's in your own?" Then I do a colour change.

    Or a double lift and ACR, sometimes I use the story of "you will always ask your mum where your item is but there it is, right in front of you the whole time" with the top card being their card.

    Get creative!

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