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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by xxSxLeIgxhTxx, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. im looking for any books you can think of on card magic or flourishes
  2. Lol, that really narrows it down.. check out .. its local for me =D
  3. The book of flourishes: The Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes.
  4. That's an excellent xhoice =D
  5. yes the The Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes is truly amazing i got the book about month ago and it is amazing i mostly did two handed cuts like Dan and Dave and Daniel madison stuff but now i do a lot more because of the Encyclopedia and a good card magic book is the paper engine by Aaron fisher but that may not be your style Daniel madison has some really good pdf/ebooks
  6. As far as magic goes, you'll have to give us more information as to what sort of thing you're looking for... And not just "The best" or "The one with the most visual and best tricks cause that's my style"... Any particular performer, or plot, or legitimate style?
  7. ya my particular style is fast and direct i like quick visual tricks hope that helps thanks
  8. There's a book called Brass Knuckles which has some very cool stuff in it. If you like the D&D stuff, get their lecture notes and stuff like that on their website, fair bet you'll like those also.

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