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  1. I'm interested in card magic and gambling techniques. Where do you guys learn from, DVD's or books? Where can I get more information and more sleight for lower price? Which books do you recommend?
    Thanks in advance !
  2. If you want to learn gambling techniques go to prison. On a more serious note Dawrin Ortiz's Scam's & Fantasies is decent. It's the only gambling demonstration type material I have experience with I think so that's all I can recommend.
  3. It depends on your skill level, how much your willing to spend, and how you prefer to learn. Visual people often find it harder to learn from books as effectively.
    As a general rule, books often contain more information (more sleights, more tricks etc). However, there are some exceptions. For example, related to gambling techniques, there's Jason England's Foundation DVD's or Benjamin Earls Past Midnight DVD set. Both contain a wealth of information and very good teaching. However, they both contain advanced sleights so are aimed at a higher skill level also detailed DVD's such as these are normally quite expensive. £30 ($50) a dvd for Jason England and £40 ($65) for the Benjamin Earl set.
    Some books can also be this expensive but its rare. Most that i've seen are around the £30 mark but they vary alot and i rarely buy books myself so don't quote me on that.

    So it all depends on what your looking for, There are some brilliant books out there but they take dedication and study to get the best out of them. DVD's are often easier to learn from but contain less and are normally more expensive.

    What kind of skill level are you looking for?
  4. I've learned some of the basic moves, but im still a beginner. and im willing to spend a lot of time for this lovely form of art:)
  5. Expert at the Card Table.
  6. Expert Card Technique in my opinion is the best. I know how everyone goes on about Expert at the Card Table, but the techniques are out dated for modern card workers and modern card stocks (just have to look at technique for the bottom deal). In my opinion it was written by someone with very little experience of working a audience (again just read the description of the diagonal palm shift and you will understand what im saying about working with a audience). It is worth a read to find out how we have got to where we are in terms of card techniques but as an out and learning resources, its not that great. ECT has everything that EATCT has but but more up to date and useable.
  7. The royal road to card magic is a really good book and you should start off on that. Although personally I prefer DVDs as they show you how to do the sleight or effect or whatever, but it depends if you prefer to read rather than having a visual explanation :D
  8. you want the advantage of being a great magician. Learn from every possible source that you can get your hands on. There are great sources by way of books AND dvds. As well as from fellow magicians and laymen alike. Fall in love with learning and you will become a master of your craft. Obviously, learn the classics, then expand. you'll find a lot of trash along the way, but in the meantime, you'll find gold.
  9. Watch Ricky Jay and his 52 Assistants. He talks about why good technique is more important for a gambler than a magician. The author of EATCT had to learn how to do his techniques invisibly, or he would risk being killed. To say they are outdated is short sighted. I use several of the techniques straight from those pages in every performance.

    I think ECT is a good book, and shouldn't be passed over. But I think EATCT contains the foundation of all modern card magic and should be studied by every serious card worker.
  10. I second that, Darwin Ortiz is a class gambling demonstrator. :), you won't go wrong...
  11. I second Jason England, ok some of the moves are kinda difficult, but those moves separate the boys from the men, Ben Earl, has some good psychological-gambling stuff too, I liked his book.. Dr Strange hand,Daniel Madison also has some really cool thoughts,
    Like "Heritage" from his dangerous dvd. Though my all time favourite gambling based dvd, is Damien Nieman's fast company...
    Most of my current gambling repertoire comes from there, although in my opinion he doesn't teach the sleights in enough detail for a beginner but once you have a solid foundation,(Jason England), you will be able to perform most gambling demos. One thing I'd recommend Is pseudo-gambling demos. Usually easier that actual gambling demo's but just as effective to laymen.

    Daniel Madison had a book out for a while but I can't find it anymore, was looking to get it it's called "Devilry", and it had pseudo-gambling demos. Good luck and all the best.

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