Border or Borderless for Double lifting?

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  1. Good mourning, evening, night fellows wherever you are. Im new to magic about 2 months old. Now i know a double lift can be performed on both but as a beginner what would be better suited as a practice on spectators? now i played with both and i found borderless to be a lot harder since even the slightest movement can ruin it due to the patterns, is that normal or just a beginners thing? thank you all for your time.
  2. Just a beginner thing. When your technique gets up to proficiency it won't matter if it has a border or not.
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  3. If you use something with smaller patterns like a bee deck, double lifts are much simpler for a beginner. But honestly, if you put the time and effort to learn a push off or a pinky count, it wont make a difference wether you use a borderless deck or not.
    I personally find a borderless deck more difficult to use for certain sleights, while for table work and false deals and ..., it is always better to use a borderless deck.
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  4. It's easier to do some things with borders, and other things without them. But if one masters the techniques, it doesn't matter. Watch folks like Ricky Jay or Shade. Flawless technique regardless of deck design.
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  5. Yeah i figured it will need practice but i found the answer i wanted. I like the borders for now at least to practice while performing but hopefully i can start getting into a position where i dont need then by time. thanks alot guys cheers!
  6. :'(

    What you need to remember is that a real-life performance actually allows you to get away with lots of stuff. If I am alert, sometimes I manage to ''control'' a card just by placing it on the top, and NO ONE SEES IT. With that in mind, I guess both would be equally okay with good crowd management skills. However, to handle the 'burner' kind of spectator, you might want to use one with a border. Makes the whole process simpler.

    I feel that only strive for what is essential...just like I feel that you should only strive for a Xavior Spade Level Classic Pass only if you want to perform it as something like a stand-alone effect, otherwise it makes no sense to spend months on it when in real life presentation is just more important. So don't be too worried about mastering the DL with a borderless deck. It:-

    1)Doesn't make sense.
    2)Most borrowed decks will have borders.

    So I guess, work on the effect you wanna do with the DL than the DL itself :) :) :)
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  7. True about not paying attention part but usually after the first trick people tent to really catch me off guard and make sure i don't fool them, the problem is most people take it as an insult if your trick fools them. But yeah i love the advice about working on the effect and most borrowed decks are bordered, thank you so much!
  8. Only if you frame it as them losing and you winning.
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  9. Hmm...maybe they tend to look at your tricks like more of puzzles. Try to make them seem less like puzzles. For example, don't make it look as if you are smart to find out their cards or something and definitely don't make them look bad.
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  10. For a double lift, i have never noticed a real difference. A lot of my tricks involve cards being face up in the deck however so i tend to prefer bordered decks. It just depends on the effects you are using.
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  11. It could be my approach i think that sounds right. But i cant tell because im unconsciously doing my tricks so i dont pay attention how i appear to spectators, but defiantly will keep that in mind.
  12. I kinda disagree, but I get what you are saying. You can get to a point where any deck will work for what you need but I am always careful about what deck I use for what.

    For 3 card monte, I always use borderless. For false deals I prefer borderless. If I'm doing a double lift or reversing a card I only use bordered cards.

    When it's possible to use the right deck it gives me a bit more security.

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