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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 010rusty, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. I am currently still in self isolation, and extremely bored. I wanted to play a small game. Seeing as its not Wednesday... let's do something a little different. I want you guys to test my creativity. I want you guys to limit that creativity. So Basically let's play a low quality Wizard Wars. How will this work?
    Well, first person to comment on this thread please Give me a common house hold object

    Second person please give me a a type of effect (Vanish, torn and restored, penetration, ETC.)

    Third person give me a one word patter. Give me a COMPLETELY random word and this will serve as my patter.

    That's it!
    A horrible idea? Yes! Will it go as planned? IDK. Do I have faith? NO. Is this dumb and a little pretentious? Yes. Hotel? Trivago.

    If I do not have enough responses in 32 hours I will fill in the blank with a random word generator. I hope I don't have to do that because that's not nearly as fun. So please if you are reading this please take the time to help a man out. So... let's see how this goes I'll give myself like 48 hours after I've received the final comment (or end of 32 hours) to complete the task.
  2. Frying pan!
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  3. Torn and restored
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  4. ...this will be... interesting...

    As soon as someone responds with the 1 random word the 48 hour timer will start...
  5. cryoprecipitate
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  6. Good luck! (You'll need it!)
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    To recap: I must create a TNR trick using a frying pan, about cryoprecipitate....

    I will start immediately! (right after i Google cryoprecipitate)

    oh... boy this... is... something....
  8. Godspeed, my friend.
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  9. *Quivering with anticipation*
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  10. I’m quivering with something else bud...
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  11. ...I don't know how to respond to that...

    Regardless. Stay healthy. Be safe.
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  12. His arms are quivering because he's been trying to tear a frying pan in half :D
  13. I just laughed far too hard at that. Lol
  14. @Casey Rudd If 010Rusty manages to do this, I think he ought to be granted Honourable Elite Membership to the forums :D

    Regardless, best of luck to you, mate!
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  15. Agreed!
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  16. Did I say 48 hours?? Looks like I might not even need 24! Stay tuned! I will make a new thread with the performance video.

    P.S I’ve officially learned more about chemistry through researching this trick than I ever did in my 2 years of high school chemistry :p
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  17. If possible, include the performance video in this thread, since it's on the same topic. Look forward to seeing it!
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  18. Well, well, well. Here we are. Everyone said it was impossible. Everyone said I'd fail. I'm here to say: I think they were right. Now before we begin final recap:
    The performance is a TNR about cryoprecipitate using a frying pan. Now, I want you to think about how you would do this. Got it?
    Well sit back, relax, and watch whatever this is. I can tell you one thing this ain't typical magic. I present to you:


    (for those wondering it's pronounced Magish-AINT, and yes that's not how the English language works)
    So, is that how you would've done it? Is It what you expected? Am I an Idiot?
    Hint: only 1 of those will most likely be yes

    Ngl this was A LOT of fun. I hope to do something similar very soon but until then keep your cuts clean and help your wizards out.
  19. That's it. You've won the forums.
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  20. *TAKES BOW*​

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