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Boris Wild's Marked Deck

Apr 27, 2008
Boris Wild's Marked Deck

I have wanted this thing for so long ever since I got into mentalism and especially when I got my electric touch. Well after I have experimented with it I finally have a good insight on it.

Instructions 10/10

They explain everything very well in the packet they send. They also send a nice little trick included that requires practice but looks like a great coincidence or marvelous mentalism.

Gimmick 9/10

People can see the gimmick but only if they are truly looking for it. If they are truly determined they will find it, but if they scan for 15 or 20 seconds they won't find it and will give up. The marks are very nice and concealed but if you practice for a few days you can easily spot all the marks. I would say what the marks are but I think that would be exposure so I will pass on that.

Awesomeness 10/10

There are so many tricks you can do with this, the one they tell you I do for street and I made my own with some predictions and a magicians choice for two cards with the names of the cards and one that says "Nothing". Awesome mentalism and with electric touch this makes this my favorite trick now.

Overall 10/10

If you do mentalism or like to keep track of cards or cheat at cards then this is what you NEED, not want, NEED. Very simple and hardhitting and if you have anything above the performance skills of a 8 year old then people will be amazed and will love ever second of the trick. This has been labeled as my best trick (Created one) and people always ask for it. I Love it and always carry it around.

Also there are refills for this but you need Boris Wilds Book. It's fairly simple to use and figure out but its cheaper and you can make three decks with it, including some extra marks like plus, subtraction, and some other marks.
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