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  1. Heya,

    I have always loved a good bottle production though I don't perform it, I want to though. What is the best bottle production. OUT OF ONE SILK, I have always felt the three silks were too much cover. What is the best bottle production (In your mind)? Which ones are good, which ones do you perform. Do you have any stories with bottle productions, I would love to hear them.

    Thanks a ton,

  2. Josh Jay does one out of a balloon.

    David Stone I believe has a good one as well.
  3. Michael Ammar's is really good. put my jaw to the floor when i saw it.
  4. I second Michael Ammar's as it seems like pure magic, but there are clothing restrictions to it. David Stone's is very similar with slightly less restriction in clothing, but has its own inherent difficulties.

    I'm just assuming Josh Jay's method is pretty similar to Ammar's, due to the structure of the trick as I've seen it.
  5. They're all you're pretty standard bottle productions that use the same gimmick and all. Ammar might not have used a balloon though.
  6. I would go with the one of david stone...

    you could do it without the gimmick and also I have had great reactions with it...there is little things that could go wrong...but overall it´s easy to do...

    I think is in "The Real Secrets Of Magic " vol 1...I do recommend you get the dvd since I feel it would be a great help for you!!
  7. I use the splash bottle production in my restaurant work. One of my favorite ideas is to use a johnny ace Palmer presentation in his fism routine. I borrow a table napkin off the table and explain that's this is my opener. I produce a bottle opener and produce what it's for, a soda or wine bottle. Another idea is to produce a lemon and say "when life gives you lemons............." and produce iced lemonade. I actually find wine bottles easier to produce. It's better to use it as an opener because you can flash with a lot of movement. It's one of my favorite utility devices ever because no one sees it coming.
  8. I've always liked actually going to a vending machine and getting a bottle - and if the bottle needs to be modified, you could plant it in the tray.

    Looks very au-naturel.
  9. You will need to wear a jacket for all of these though.
  10. Kevin Parker has a really interesting one. Not super practical but very interesting.
    David Stone does a good one from silk also.

  11. Do you know where i can buy the materials to make the gimmick David Stone uses? I've looked around on some stores and can't seem to find it... Can you PM me Anyone????

  12. David Stone uses the Splash Bottle by Damien Vappereau gimmick. It's the same gimmick Joshua Jay uses, and can be bought on Vanishing Inc or Magic Dream (french shop who invented it).
  13. So if I buy splash bottle it comes with the gimmick already? is it bulky or the SAME as David Stone that he can fold and tuck it underneath the belt?

  14. I bought it today at MagicDream : it include the gimmick and the booklet. It's the same David Stone uses ;) You even get 2 pink balloons lol
  15. Majority of bottle productions are variations on the Splash Bottle effect.
    David Stone has one without the gimmick in his newest DVD and he also teaches the one with gimmick. He also produces a drink from his sleeve via another method; also taught in his new DVD.
    Kozak has a 3 Silk bottle production that can be done naked.
    Kevin Parker's Mirage is a silk less bottle production. Looks quite nice and can produce quite a large bottle. But the set up is a bit more of a hassle.
  16. Check out David Penns glass of water from a spectators sleeve. I don't think it's his effect but its on one of his dvds.
  17. WHAT?! I got green balloons. I feel slightly ripped off.

    But yeah, splash bottle great. Practical, easy to compensate for angle issues, and doesn't really get in your way, so you can have it ready to go pretty much all the time.

    Yeah, you have to use be wearing a jacket, but in pretty much all situations where it would be magically appropriate to produce a bottle of wine, a jacket would be appropriate attire.

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