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Mar 13, 2010
Hey Guys,

So I recently put together a blog that I was interested in. I think being in the magic community there should be a few websites dedicated to strictly news, podcasts, and articles on magic. I created this blog so people can enjoy it and really be updated in the magic world. As we progress on the blog I am hoping to bring you podcasts from some top names in magic. I hope you guys visit it and become followers of it. It is new so you will have to give it some time before it really starts to give you the satisfaction you are looking for. The Bottom Deal Blog will hopefully be a blog that people are happy to go to and are wanting more from it.

I hope you guys give it a chance and follow it!

The link to the website is down below:


PS. Leave feedback on this thread so I know what needs to be added or fixed on the site

Sep 26, 2007
Tokyo, Japan
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