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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Joey144, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. A update on my Mechanics Grip Bottom Deal:

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  2. Hey Joey,

    That looks great, very smooth!

    || Steven
  3. Thank you Steven. Much appreciated.
  4. Joey you rock!
  5. Thank you Josh!
  6. I notice you said a mechanic's grip. Have you practiced in other grips at all? I primarily use a modified Erdnase grip but I have toyed with what Marlo calls a Sharps and Flats grip as well as Daniel Madison's and the Mechanics Grip. Funny enough out of those grips my Mechanic's Grip is the weakest when it comes to bottom deals.
  7. I use the Gene Maze Grip and the Mechanics Grip Bottom Deal. "Daniel Madisons" Deal is just a poorly done Gene Maze Bottom Deal.
  8. I completely agree, I was not impressed by Madison's approach to the deal.
  9. I also use gene maze, he is fantastic! I read it in his book all about bottom dealing.
  10. I assume you mean: "The Art of Bottom Dealing" by Gene Maze.
    The book includes his Center Deal aswell, for those who are interested.
  11. Yes, The art of bottom dealing is a great book.
  12. Joey, which type of bottom deal would you pick between the Mechanic's, Gene Maze, or Jason Englands?

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