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  1. Hello folks,

    Now, I know their lurks a bottom deal monster on these forums, his name is Jason England. I know there is room for improvement and I don't necessarily need his help at least not for another 5 years or so(His videos will do for now). However, I think I'm getting to the point where I might need a keener eye to tell me how to fix my problem. Open to suggestions.

    (P.S. I finger flashed badly on the first one!!)

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  2. That's awesome improvement since your last demo! I think you picked the right angle to show this from, and the pacing is getting a lot smoother. I always find the second take the hardest one but yours was much better. Good work, man!
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  3. Good job so far. In regards to feedback- There are a few things that as a spectator I would notice. Whenever you bottom dealt, you came in at a different approach... almost gingerly? compared to the rapid tops to the other hands. There is also the dragging sound (not your standard deal drag sound) that only occurs on your deal which could mean an adjustment to grip, loosening or extracting may help. One thing I read awhile back when starting to learn myself is meeting somewhat in the middle and having your top deals have the same form as your bottom deals.

    Great form though, no massive arm swinging and barely knuckle flashing. Keep it up!
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  4. First, I must say your bottom deal is better than mine. That being said, try slowing down the straight deals until they match the speed of the move. Once you’ve developed that consistency you can begin speeding up the whole process. Your small flashes are nothing to worry about, if I didn’t know what you were doing, I wouldn’t know what you were doing.

    Great work!
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  5. Your taking hand is just as important to the bottom deal as your deck hand. When strike bottom dealing it does 90 percent of the work. You straighten the fingers of your taking hand when you deal the bottom card. That was the most noticeable thing I saw. Try dealing the bottom card to different positions across the table and focus on keeping your taking hand in the same position as when you deal from the top. Since you take with your index finger it should be a relatively easy adjustment to make.
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  6. While I don’t have anything constructive to add as far as improvements in Bottom Dealing goes.

    You have been working super hard on your card work for a long time and a testament that hard work and consistency with practice yields results.

    I wish I had this sort of willpower
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  7. You had me shook at first because I thought you were bottom dealing every single card, not just your hand, and so I was like "how is he bottom dealing so well for the spectators" haha, but the only thing I can notice is you take a slight second to prepare as you bottom deal sometimes, so I'd deal the cards to the spectators slower instead of rushing it. Other than that, it's a very good bottom deal, light-years ahead of mine :)
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  9. Wow man!
    Great improvement from last years video, I personally don't have any experience with the bottom deal, but yours look really clean and smoothly paced.
    Keep it up!
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  10. Definitely great improvement to last year! The thing I noticed the most when comparing the two videos was your rhythm, it's gotten a lot smoother. Not yet perfect, so keep working, but a great improvement. Great work!

    At the risk of being overly critical, a few things you might want to work on:
    Finger flash at the second finger: This is your most obvious tell, in my opinion. When bottom dealing your middle finger straightens out to the front and the right (your right). Try holding the deck in a more Gene Maze kind of grip, so the middle finger is slightly to the left of the upper right corner.
    More importantly: When bottom dealing, you take between your first and second finger. When dealing fairly, you take between your second and third finger. If you take between the first and second finger while holding the deck in an Erdnase variation, you can't help but straighten out the second finger, so my suggestion is for you to take the bottom deal, like every other deal, between second and third finger. I think if you could just get rid of this second finger-flash, the deal would be a lot more deceptive already.

    Looking forward to seeing your deal a year from now! :)
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  11. Overly critical...No such thing....If you are going to do something, you want to do it right. And that means taking all the criticism you can get. I want to get really good at my bottom and it won't happen without people like you to point out what I need to fix. Thanks for the honest feedback @Scodischarge.
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  12. I'm glad you have this perspective. I hope I can count on some critical feedback from you when I upload my bottom deal as well? Should be sometime this week, I hope.
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  13. Almost forgot about this thread: Been about 8 months!!
    Not thread bumping just keeping you guys posted on progress.

    P.S. don't be shy and post your bottom deal video on here.
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  14. That was awesome byronblaq... Thanks for posting that.

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