Bottom Deal

Oct 27, 2011
Hey guys! A few days ago i was practicing with my friend. We were practicing bottom dealing when i saw him dribbling the cards into his palm and and then he dealt from the messed up packet without even squaring the cards, and he had decent bottom. When i asked him where he learned it he told me it was in a ben earl dvd. I don't have anything by ben earl, but i'm guessing it's past midnight. Can you guys tell how one does this , because he was dealing from the erdnase grip, or do i nedd to get the dvd. And what about the diagonal pressure?

Sep 8, 2012
how the hell are you going to do it at the card table? dribbling is showing of skill, what you don't want. just practice bottoms from a squared deck, It's better when you get the hang of it.
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