Bound by d+M?

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  1. Does anyone know where i can find "Bound" by daniel madison or any other effects he does that are on you tube and not on his site? Any help would greatly be appreciated...thanks.
  2. irreversible
    the devils touch
  3. Guys, trading is highly unethical, and very disrespectful to the creators. Please, don't do it. It is not furthering magic, only hindering its progress.
  4. im not trying to trade...i trying to find where i can purchase them? I see all these videos on you tube of daniel madison doing tricks like bound but when i go to his site or this site i cant find them. I agree with the whole trading thing.
  5. there in his PDF identity
  6. there is nothing in identity that teaches bound. i cant find that anywhere.
  7. prolly would seem to you that i would trade if i had something. But you don't know me. I am ethical. I just asked a simple question on where i can find bound. I do have daniel madison's one, two, three, and identity. I am not trading them though. So i would appreciate if you didn't judge me before you know me. thanks
  8. Bound isn't sold anymore. Drop Daniel an email and he MIGHT be able to help you out, but he may have taken it down for specific reasons.

    If D can't help you, have a look at outcased by Eggink, it's not as good as bound for practicality, but it's highly visual.

  9. this is prolly a little off topic but for the people that have daniel madison's one,two, and three, and/or identity, i have had alot of problems with understanding and trying to visualize how some of these tricks are done. Is anyone else have these problems? and if so how did you overcome the problem?
  10. i think D+M said he took them down because they were extremely similar to Jay Sanky's effects.
  11. thanks for the clarification:)
  12. That's the problem that's been stopping me from learning a lot of the effects on One, is that I can't visualize them. So yes, I agree with you that it can be a problem, but I dont' really know how to solve it
  13. well i had this problem at first too,
    but i just kept reading it over and over, untill i got it down.

    also, if you still can't see em' in you mind, get dangerous, i gives porformances for some of the ones.
  14. which ones does it show....i also saw in the preview that he does a sleight where he drops a card in his hand like he is going to do a switch. do you know what i am talking about? i heard that isn't in the dangerous dvd.

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