"BOXED RESET" Now available in the Marketplace!!!

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  1. My new 4 for 4 transpo effect "Boxed Reset" is now available for download in the marketplace!

    Feel free to check it out HERE:

    Please feel free to ask any questions you would like pertaining to this effect in this thread! I will be happy to answer!!!


    Boxed Reset is based on the original Reset routine by Paul Harris. In this version, 8 cards are chosen by the spectators (4 number cards and 4 face cards.) The face cards are placed into the box and handed to a spectator for safe keeping. Meanwhile the 4 number cards are handled by the magician in a demonstration of sleight of hand.

    One at a time the 4 number cards magically turn face-down. In fact at one point the spectator even chooses which card goes face-down next and it is done in the most insanely visual way! Lastly the magician turns over all 4 cards to reveal them to in fact be the face cards. When the box is opened the magician removes the 4 number cards to show that all 8 cards have indeed changed places!

    Great sleight of hand and a great routine that gets amazing reactions, has many magical moments, and uses nothing more than a standard deck of cards and a case.

    **No Dupes, Gimmicks, or extra cards needed!**

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