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  1. I'd like to see a review of Breach by Jeremy Bennet.
    Thanks, much appreciated!
  2. I was watching this before I went to bed last night.

    It's very neat, there are two versions he teaches. The original and alternate.

    Both are great and you get great value for, what is it? 15 bucks?

    Jeremy is a good teacher and I applaud his efforts. His process of teachings makes it so anyone who watches it can practice without question.

    The original is great and convincing. There is literally a 5 second setup to the balloon and he goes over the subtleties on how to make everything look convincing.

    I'm gonna go out and get some balloons today to practice for a grad party that is coming up.

    It's quick and everything is natural, he stresses practice though because things could go wrong if you don't.

    If you practice, obviously you won't have the problems that he points out. Kind of a no-brainer.

    It's not bad, not bad at all.

    The alternate handling doesn't fit the main description for the effect, that's plainly for the original, but the effect keeps the same and you can use a quarter instead of a dime, it can still be signed as well with the age old technique he uses. I do wish I could have seen a live performance of the alternate ending to see his timing, it's not that hard to work it out yourself.

    A reasonable price for the effect and the attention to detail provided when teaching the effect.

    - I do wish there were full live performances for timing purposes, mainly with the alternate handling, that's why I'm in love with RSVP magic

    + Great thorough teaching

    + Reasonable price

    + Great quality, as with most E downloads

    + The effect itself is a good one, even though there are already ways of getting a coin into a balloon

    I must say that this isn't the ONLY coin in balloon you should be doing. There are other great ones, as I said, that get the job done maybe even better like Coin Balloon-acy. Breach is a cool alternative I think you may like.

    If you are looking for a neat balloon trick that takes a very small setup and is straightforward and simple, go on and get Breach.

    4/5 Stars.
  3. when i click add to cart on ellusionist, it takes me to a white page with add to cart again...but never actually does.

    anybody else?
  4. YES ME TOO! .. the same thing happened to me.. i emailed them this afternoon and i havent gotten a response yet!
  5. It works now.. it doesn't give you the white page anymore and it adds it to your cart!

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