Breaking In a Deck of Cards

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  1. How do you guys chose to break in your decks?
    How long do you take to break them in?
    Any particular methods or fine details you care to share?

    I want to know =) I'm sure some of you others also would like to know. Breaking in a deck is very important, not only for flourishing, but magic as well.

    Hope to see responses, and let's please not turn this thread into a battleground haha! We're here to share ideas and stuff

  2. There are already a few threads on this subject. CLICK HERE to read about how I break in a deck...

  3. Here's one of the answers in his post...

    I like this post.
    He knows everything about breaking in a deck!

  4. he caresses the deck like it is the One Ring and like he's Frodo or something. LOL.

    BEVEL the deck into two halves and insert your finger, and INVISIBILITY !
  5. I faro them about 1000 times
  6. I fan them about 100000000 times than i shuffle than and cry in a corner because i did. than i get over it and do some street magic and i all like yeah
  7. usually i tae about 5 min of just shuffling to break my cards in thats about all you need really
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    In my experiences, the best way to break in a deck is to:

    • Wash your hands thoroughly as to not get your cards dirty.
    • LePaul S Spread (or just regular spread) the cards in all directions. For example, do a few spreads, then turn the deck 180 degrees, then do it again a few times, then flip the deck face up and repeat the process.
    • Riffle every side of the deck (like a thumb riffle, etc.), and exaggerate the riffle quite a bit so you get a nice flick out of the cards
    • Faro the cards, and bridge shuffle them a LOT. (Make sure to do this with the cards not only face up, but face down as well to further break in the cards.)
    • Waterfall all of the cards, with the deck face up and face down as well.
    • Dribble all of the cards a lot
    • SPRING them a lot. This totally helps quicken the process.
    • As Dan and Dave have said in a previous forum thread, you should rub the edges of the deck on your jeans on a fresh deck to smoothen them out.

    That's about all that I do to get my new deck broken in.

  9. In which post did dan and dave say that?
  10. Couple of shuffles and cuts gets me ready, it is enough as I practice a lot.

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