BREAKING MAGIC // Season 1 - Episode 1

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  1. I DVR'ed it the other night due to a lot of grading I had to do so I plan on watching it soon.
  2. I like the premise of this program.
    As pure entertainment this seems like an awesome show.
    Hopefully it can really break "magic" once and for all.
    I can just imagine the kind of outrage older magicians are having as a result of this show.
    I for one am ok with performers discussing the science behind the tricks.
  3. I watched both episodes last night on my DVR and thought it was pretty neat. The ball falling through the tube for the hand smash was really good as was Wayne's bungee jump routine with the books. The others just seemed like "fillers" to me. Just my two cents.
  4. I didn't have the chance to watch the 1st episode yet.
    "The ball falling through the tube for the hand smash"
    Let me try to guess.
    They trow a large ball down a tube and it falls trough the tube at a fast speed.
    They do it again and it falls at a lower speed allowing the guy to move and avoid getting the hand smashed.
    Lenz's Law

    I'm sure someone can come up with a "magic" trick by using this simple science principle as well.
  5. congratulations... You just described the entire purpose of the show... Have a cookie.
  6. Isn't it funny when someone tries to show how smart they are and instead just ends up looking a fool?

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