Breaking the Magician's Code

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    Hey Guys,

    I would love to hear what everyone else thinks.

    - Thanks!
  2. I feel pretty much the same way you do about this.

    The first trick that I ever learned was from a show just like this actually! So at the start I thought it was great because someone was putting magic out there and it just so happens that I was interested in it at the time and so the fire was fueled.

    I do hate that they are exposing the smaller things because it is usually those small things that lead to the big effects. For example, Once a spectator knows what a double lift is, they can pretty much figure out any trick that involves the move no matter how good the magician is at hiding the double lift.

    My other problem is that when a method is revealed it is generally pretty simple to explain and so the viewer suddenly thinks that magic isn't all that hard and that magic isn't really all that great. What they don't realize is that a ton of practice goes into making the simplest sleight look as though nothing happened at all. They don't stress the importance of things like that on these shows because they just want you to know how it works not the work that goes into making it entertaining.

    Over all I think these shows cause a great interest in magic and it makes our jobs as entertainers easier because people want to see things like this more. Yes, exposure sucks and I hate it so it's is kinda a double edge sword.

  3. This was aired? or was it online and what tricks were exposed on this episode you speak of? i think all of us well end up watching it out of curiosity but it still sickens me exposing all that hard work for a quick buck.
  4. It officially airs tomorrow, but I found it on youtube already lol.
  5. I could not believe he exposed Prohibition (including the PK ring) and he also used a TT in another effect and showed it. For the TT, I believe its uses are so many that it can be ok to show the prop on national TV... Many people know of the vanishing handkerchief trick anyways. But for a PK ring with only few designs on the market and the fact that many magician's wear it, people wo saw the PK ring on TV will go like "hey isn't that the magnetic ring used to put a cap in a bottle"...

    And Prohibition!!!! I mean people have paid money for this effect and people are still doing so... I know that there are many cap in bottle version, but personally, I believe Prohibition is among the best ones on the market (no ad intended :p)... He has really hurt many performers and creators this way.

    I perfectly agree that stage illusions are far more immune compared to close-up illusions... Especialy if the illusion is so contained in itself.. Just imagine Distortion being exposed... Those who own it know what I am talking about. Exposure will jeopardize the effect in full...

    I really hope he directs his attention away from marketed effects and even stage illusions that people still buy and perform.

    I also really really hope he does not expose Exile given that David Blaine performed it....

    Stopping him might be tough... But at least, he has to be controlled!!!

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