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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by aznofspades, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. Go to the nearest REAL magic store.

    They carry all the stuff here but you get to talk to and meet real people.

    Just try it?

    (not dissing anyone)
  2. did you really have to make a thread for that??
  3. The nearest magic store for me is 3 hours away. So, this place is great and guess what, Theory11 is a REAL magic store. Because, it's either real or fake and it's definitely not fake. (lol)

  4. I think Ill just stick to shopping at FAKE magic stores.

  5. I don't have a magic store in my country.
  6. So go to your NEAREST ONE!!!!

    Only kidding mate, this guy is a fool. - I have been to my magic stores many of times. Buying magic is not the key to learning.

    How about going to your local magic club, learn from other magicians, rather then salesman. Improve your magic, don't buy more magic. 10 magic effects learnt well are better than 100 magic effects which are learnt badly.
  7. That’s kind of a foolish statement to make don’t you think?

    While I'm always for supporting your local magic shop do you realize
    how many people on here don’t have one anywhere near them? Their
    great if ones near buy and depending on how they are run there’s lots of
    benefits to them but there’s lots of benefits to a site also.

    Are the people on here not "real" people that you can talk to? Not to
    mention the fact that you can get a lot of good advice without the added
    influence of someone pushing a sale on you.

    Why not enjoy the benefits of both if available or if not enjoy the different sites?
  8. pointless, hypocritical.
  9. i see your point but lots of people dont have a magic store near them. theory11 or any other magic site are the closest they get. the people on these forums are real, they offer advice like you would get at a real magic store. some people like to have that personal connection where they can see who they are talking to but the end result will be the same. it will help your magic. that being said talking to people isnt the only way to improve your magic, you can go out, perform and if you mess up think about ways you can improve on it by yourself. performing is the best way to improve your magic. discussing it just makes it easier.
  10. this thread is pointless......someone should close it.
  11. one of the only differences between online forums and "real" magic shops is that you talk to people face to face. you are still likely to get crap loads of bad advice. while they sell you crap you don't need. how about go practice and perform. that will REALLY help you out.
  12. Yea. The basic point was just meeting people face to face and I think it's a more fun experience. And if you have the opportunity I think you should at least give it a try

    Like I was saying it's just an idea...
  13. Salesman's isn't the person to meet. Full stop.
  14. I'm pretty sure this is going to turn into a debate on magic shops vs. online magic sites....ugh.
  15. If you're interested in finding a reputable shop in your area, check out our Featured Retailers page.
  16. yes it is, im afraid
  17. i forgot, obviously most magic stores (i don't even know where my nearest one is) stock all this theory11 and ellusionist gear. At competitive prices.

    Darn, i've been so dumb...
  18. this thread= fail.
  19. online magic store vs magic store

    LET THE DEBATIN BEGIN!!! (joke )
  20. No need to turn the thread into an argument. It seems like we have a lot of instigators around these parts. ;)

    Friendly debates are always welcome.

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