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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Kuzelnik, Apr 15, 2020.

  1. Hello there magic community, i had a question for a magic trick i found. It was done by Chris Ramsay (in the video at 8:09). And the question is if anyone has any idea where the trick came from.
  2. It's sort of a modified **** Hallema move.
  3. First published by Ellis Stanyon
  4. Check out Steve Cohen's "Optical Advantage", published in the Minotaur vol.3 no.2, (1991). This was inspired by Michael Ammar's "Optical Disadvantage", from "The Magic Hedonists Brainstorm in the Bahamas" by Adam Fleischer (1983).

  5. i do kinda get what he is doing i just don't know where the cracking sound is coming from thats what i wanna know
  6. The way I do it, the "cracking" sound is part of the method. It happens naturally.
  7. at 4:39. This might help :D

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