Brown Wynn Honest Review

OK well i just got my Wynns.
I know there was a big 'Hype' for these cards bot boy o boy do they live up to it.
In my eyes they handle dreamily, there thick, there stiff they look cool and the design is so simple yeat appealing, appealing enough to want it tattoed behind my ear.
The large index faces sure are different, yet i tihnk they look appealing, considering the Diamonds and Hearts are in brown colour, its not the most Vibrant pack of cards ive seen, which the large index's help to make stand out.
Price wise $4.95 per pack is a bargain consideing thats £2.50ish here, i love these cards. they Jones Change swifty (what ive been working on at the moment).
You can tell there not your average deck of cards, i jsut perfomed Quees to my form class with my 1st--edt.Guardians and boy i wish i could turn back time and do that with these.
The aces definalty look cool with there 4-pip.

i give these cards a 10/10 price wise, handeling, looks, everything. these cards are amazing and people who got them are in for a treat with these. if you did'nt man youve missed out.

please, if any questions occur, dont hesitate to ask XD
thanks all
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Sep 1, 2007
I ordered 6 but they still haven't come yet. Handling wise if you were to compare them to another deck which do they feel like?
Sep 1, 2007
Philadelphia, PA
Heh thanks for the review on the cards. I really wish folks would give it a rest with the honest and un-biased tags in their subject lines unless you plan on lying or putting a heavy bias emphasis in your next review.

I knew a guy one time who every time he started telling me a story started with this line, "Man this is no b.s. let me tell you what happened". Immediately I knew he was full of it and just blowing smoke up my rear. Let your review stand on it's own without trying to qualify it as unbiased or honest.


p.s. Anyone who had issues with faro shuffling these decks I would be interested to see what you think after playing with the cards for a week or two. I have been handling them heavily and they faro incredibly easy now (not that my faro is every 100% but it's fun to practice sometimes).
Sep 16, 2007
They're cool looking, but they're exactly the same stock and finish as regular Bee's.....

Wouldn't that mean that the hype is all in your head?

I'm not bashing on them at all, I plan to get some, I'm just curious, because people seem to be talking about how excellent they feel, but I also hear they're identical to Bee's, with merely a different design.
Sep 1, 2007
I didn't want to create another Wynn Review thread. I'll just hope on this. This is a 1 week journey with my Wynn, there are both good and bad points (assuming I used them about 3-4 hours a day)

Day 1: Wynns arrived, a freshly opened deck. It fanned well and smooth, they are stiff and take quite a while for me to be able to spring them well. Faro-ing is not possible once out of the box, I've to break them in a little before I'm able to do that. The cards are running all over the place because it is so slippery. I love it.

4 hours into Day 1 (during these 4 hours, there were lots of springing, faro-ing, under pressure and lePaul spreading): THE WYNNS WARPS!!!! The cards starts to warp in all directions. Its was terrible, but the slippery feel was it saving grace. I put the deck into a card guard and leave it there overnight.

Day 2. The warp is cured! Strongly advise to put a deck in a card guard if it starts warping, the deck is in good shape and ready to go again.

Day 3: Wynns began to clumps up. I cannot thumb fan with them anymore, it just clumps up and looks very ugly. The smooth finish seems to 'disappear' and they feel like cards without any finish. I'm a little disappointed, but I'll give the Wynn another chance. I applied fanning powder to the deck. I did not apply the way it was taught in the XCM beginner dvd. I just sprinkle a pinch on all 4 sides of the deck and keep faro them in till it fan well again.

Day 4-6: Still handle very well. Perhaps due to the fanning powder

Day 7: They clumps again much to my surprise. I've never encountered a second 'clumping' once I powdered a deck. I've still have faith in them, and I powdered them a second time.

Last night was Day 7, and I've stick the deck into the card guard for the whole night, I'm planning to do it for another night, hoping to maintain the smoothness for a much longer period of time. The cards' weakness is it inability to have a lasting finish, I have a 3-month old TH9 and it still fan very well (powdered once). I really like the Wynns because of their backs and stiffness. It would be a pity to let it go just because of it poor finish.

Anybody have similar experiences with their Wynns? Hopefully you can share how you overcome them.
I've had the same expierence. At first it seems like all is right as rain, but then it starts to go down hill. I'm playing with my second opened pack and these pretty much went to the clump stage about four hours after I opened them. I don't have fanning powder, nor have I ever used it.

I think the only cure is to open a new pack!

I ordered the blue and red wynns from, because I really love the back design. I just think its a classy looking card, but they really don't last very long.

Hopefully the blue and red ones last longer, and since I ordered before their price drop I get 24 of them, so either way I wil lbe using them. And since they are not as rare, might as well use em up.
Dan and Dave said specifically that the decks are useless for fanning and pretty much only good for their sort of flourishing, of which they excell at. They also prefer the Red and Blue to the Brown ones, where the Brown ones are the same stock as World Poker Tournament cards or something, whereas the Red and Blue have a totally different feel apparently. I really like my Brown Wynns so if the Red and Blue really are better, I'll be a happy man. I'll review them all once I get them.
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