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    Hey guys here's a review on the deck of Brown Wynns I recently received in the mail. Yes they are signed by Lee Asher. I know you guys are like, "David, why would you open a deck like that," and I'm telling you, I didn't. This will be a continued review when I receive my other 3 decks that I will open. Right now, I'll just talk about the design.


    Alright, here they are. The ever-hyped Brown Wynns. What can I say? I can say the back is amazing. So simple, yet so ahead of its time. They are a (poop?) brown, with a beautiful white... uhh... wine glass-thingy on each end.


    The worst part. They are jumbo indexed, and the aces have 4 indexes. Not my cup o' tea.


    Nice. I've never used Jerrys, so I can't compare, but they are definately nice. They don't fly apart and stay together while flourishing.


    The finish is reminiscent of Tallys. It is rough, and easy to grip.


    These are much thicker than normal Tallys and Bikes, and I like it.

    Final Thoughts

    Wynns are nice cards for flourishing, but magic.... ehh... not so great. I would definately pick up a few more to keep. Great find!

  2. I look forward to the rest of the review. No offense, David, but I could have made this exact same review from looking at the pictures on the product page.
  3. I know, I know. I just wanted to get something up. I haven't posted a review in a while. The rest of it should be up by saturday at the latest.

  4. how'd you get a deck signed by lee
  5. The Witness release contest.
  6. I was one of the first 52 people to order Witness, so I won a deck of signed Wynns from Lee. Dammit Blue, you got the post before I did.

  7. ok.. the browns look like (faces) like a jumbo deck of casino cards (tech arts), if you know what those look like, they red pips are shaded dark, just like the guardians, they feel better than jerry's, and feel awesome, they fan really nice, better than its two brothers(violet and red)

    in order with quality..worst to best (none of them suck, so its more like from 1 to 10, but 1 to 3)


    the reds have the best stock, to me.. ill post a vid on youtube tonight, if i can get to it, showing what the faces look like.. i dont go into detail with my vids...
  8. Thanks for that short review treb. Did you get 48 from T11 or somewhere else?
    Sooo... you also felt Jerry's as well? Because if it REALLY is better than Jerry's... oh man I can't wait for mine!
  9. Can anyone answer how good these cards are for magic purposes? Such as relative thickness of doubles/triples compared to bikes/tallys? I'm asking this because I have two decks of violet Wynns, and however they may be for flourishing, they're horrendous for magic. Turning doubles on them feels like turning slabs of concrete. Thanks a lot to anyone who can answer my question!
  10. This is my exact concern as well Wayne. I dislike the thicker stock cards in all honesty and prefer the TH9 and Split Spade decks for the most part. If no one has addressed this when I get mine I will let you know for sure.

  11. Weird, because I held my deck up next to a deck of bikes (everything was in the box) and they seemed about the same size.

  12. David, why would you open a deck like that
  13. He didn't, they came opened from the contest. They had to open it so Lee could sign it.
  14. Im not sure if this has been answered as ive been off the forums for a while, but how do they handle? I cant seem to find an indeapth review of this deck.
  15. @drorange- I didn't open them. In my post it says that they were compared while still in the boxes. They were opened so Lee could sign them, but then sealed again.

    @Nick- When I receive my other 3 decks of Wynns, I will edit this review and include handling and all of those other things we like to see in reviews.

  16. to subscribe I have to post something... so, that line made me LOL please keep the review coming in the same sense of humor :D
  17. you can use this deck for magic.. but its more of a flourishing deck.. if you want to perform... regular bikes are probably best.. or tallys
  18. Many people have different tastes on Aladdins.
    Some people find them sucky others find them good.
    Same thing with new studs.

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