bSmith vs. Justin Miller controversial lecture tour

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  1. In the era of bad reality shows filled with half scripted drama and pointless conflict, I chose the above title to entice the readers of this thread with some possible drama. It's the latest trend of distraction techniques that seem to work very well... so I figured I would try it. Anyway, myself and Justin Miller would like to let you guys know about our DOUBLE lecture schedule for the month of Jan:

    Monday January 17 – Shreveport, LA
    Tuesday January 18 – open date, no lecture
    Thursday January 20 – Chicago (Tinley Park I.B.M. Ring)
    Friday January 21 – Chicago (Midwest Magic shop)
    Friday through Monday January 21-24 – open date, no lecture
    Tuesday January 25 – Houston TX
    Wednesday through Friday January 26-28 – open date, no lecture
    Saturday January 29 – Albuquerque, NM..

    UPDATE: Indiana has possibly been added to the list of places we are stopping on our 2010 Double lecture tour, if they confirm, the date will be the 19th of jan..we will follow up on this in just a few days.

    Now as you can see we have some open dates in there as well. If your club, ring, or magic shop would like to host our DOUBLE lecture then please contact or If however there are to many politics (voting on the dates or financial availability) we want to offer you an alternative:

    We JUST CONFIRMED that cody nottingham has organized a workshop for us in Corbin,KY on Jan. 14th. If you would like to attend please contact us at the e-mails below. If you or a group of your local magicians would like to do the same, please take a look at our tour map and contact us at or to make arrangements for your area.
    Here is what we offer at our double workshop:
    $30 door cover (which includes 4 FREE downloads 2 from JM and 2 from me)
    2-3 hours of hands on instruction of some of your favorite material from us.
    For those who purchase RIZER, FREEDOM PACK, or PSYPHER at the workshop an optional 45min-1hr personal teaching time is offered at the end.
    We look forward to seeing all of you very soon. Here is our lecture outline:

    Justin Miller and B Smith invite you to an evening like you have NEVER experienced before..Until now!!
    With 2 working pros, combining over 40 years experience and a combined total of 31 products on the market including the 3 best selling new releases:
    •Paul Harris presents Justin Miller's Freedom Pack
    •Paul Harris presents B.Smith and Eric Ross Rizer
    Plus many more!! Methods of approaching spectators, brief discussion on brainstorming and creativity, and powerful magic that you won’t learn anywhere else. You will learn original effects using, cards, straws, napkins, borrowed rings, visual magic and mental magic.
    Get Ready for an ORIGINAL DOUBLE LECTURE like none other!

    Here is what some people are saying about our new double lecture:
    "Genius... amazing magic.. (Standing ovation)" -Howie Schwartzman- (Denny and Lees Magic Shop)
    “Justin Miller and B. Smith offer up a double-barrel lecture experience, featuring the latest cutting edge effects and philosophy that can (and should) be applied to all types of magic.”
    -Watt Hyer, President, Ring 180-
    "Justin Miller & B smith have to be two of the best close-up guys and creators in the world of magic. Their lecture was informative, interactive and very entertaining. In addition to teaching some killer magic, they freely share their knowledge and advice on the art which is worth the price alone!"
    - Matt Davis- Denny and Lees-
    “B Smith and Justin Miller! They were fantastic and so incredibly REAL!!! I was extremely impressed!”
    -Amy M- -Richmond, VA-

    We promise you this is unlike any lecture you have ever attended.
    We start off each lecture demoing and sharing our recent releases (Freedom Pack, Psypher, and Rizer). We offer these products at a great discount to those in attendance. We customize each lecture to meet the needs of the magicians in attendance.. Because we have so much material in a small amount of time we make sure that the information and effects we teach are optimal for that group.
    Drawing from real world experience from working in restaurants, nightclubs, to bartending and consulting on network television specials you will learn multiple aspects of magic that you can apply to your own performances. Some of the effects you will learn and that we have for purchase are:
    (All items include reduced lecture prices)
    -Freedom Pack- Special Lecture Price $25
    -WH Transpo-
    -Silky Change-
    -Endure Lecture Notes-$20
    -Rizer- special lecture price $25
    -Psypher special lecture price $35 (expo) $40 (sharpie) $45 (stainless steal Sharpie)
    ** Buy Psypher and sign up for mailing list, and get a free digital copy of Universal Impression!
    -Wounded- lecture special $20
    -Digital Conviction- $FREE with purchase over $20
    -Polaroid change- $5
    •-Cell Block- $10
    •-Frequency- $10
    •-Glitch- $10
    •-Vapor floating ring and Vanish- $10
    •-Thru-Line- $10
    **or all five for $30!
    We look forward to spending and evening with you and your group.
    B. Smith and JM
    Friday January 14th-Corbin KY
    Monday January 17 – Shreveport,LA
    Wed. Indiana January 19th (pending)
    Thursday January 20– Chicago (Tinley Park I.B.M. Ring)
    friday January 21 – Chicago (Midwest Magic shop)
    Tuesday January 25 – Houston
    Wed January 26 - San Antonio, TX
  3. I think it's funny how no body has really posted anything on this thread yet though it has been up for 20 hours man. And I also think it is funny how you have to put the word 'controversial' in the title when there is no point.

    Also did freedom pack get any better?
  4. I can't wait to meet Justin and B. Smith on the 25th!
  5. R.K.,
    we look forward to meeting you as well bro.
  6. dude come to Dallas!
  7. Your ring past up the offer....
    However we MIGHT be able to do a workshop if enough peeps come.
    On r latest Ustream podcast we talk about just that.
    Its under The 3 sided coin on ustream
  8. Wow really? Cool man when you meet a teenager named Robby, thats me! Lol
  9. You should see some of the work Zach Lambert's mentor Dan Fishman showed us. Great improvements on it... I'm sure he'll show you sometime if you come down to , makes it nicer then it already is.
  10. sad u guys dont go to asia...
  11. Any chance of you guys coming around the El Paso TX area? Its like a 4 or 5 hour drive from Albuquerque NM
  12. Oh my god. Shut the hell up. We get it already. You guys hate Justin. Get over yourselves. Chances are you won't ever be as creative as him. He's a great magician. The man is entitled to a personal life. Who wouldn't want the chance to learn from from JM, the magician? Grow up. We don't need another JM hate thread.
  13. Umadbro?

  14. I made my thoughts clear with the comments on the actual youtube video. All I can say now is, SAD.

    It is sad that someone like that still has people that want to meet them. Just because they have released magic does not mean that they are worth getting to know or even talk to for that matter. Other than the word sad a couple more come to mind, bad influence. It is amazing to see the influence these two guys are leaving on the kids that want to buy their effects. At first it may seem funny listening to Justin Miller giggling like a little girl and it may be funny hearing Robert Smith gagging on his own tongue because he is to high to keep it out of his own throat, but when you really think about it, it all comes back to that one word, SAD.

    Justin Miller replied to my comment on youtube by saying he and Robert Smith are going on a 5 state, 7 lecture tour but Justin stated on this thread that there have been rings that have passed on the offer of having Justin and Robert come and lecture. I wonder why they passed on these two?
  15. You truly have to have experienced the ******* he can be to understand why we hate him. Up until a few nights on the internet, I thought he seemed like a decent guy.. Strange what personal encounters do for your opinions about people, isn't it? Here's what some people may say about JM and B.Smith:

    Doesn't say **** about his personality.
  16. Best response ever!!!!
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    Wow this whole thing is really sad. It's sad that he is a terrible influence. It's sad that he spells like a 6th grader with a cell phone. It's sad that he actually kept the video on YouTube. It's even more sad that he argues with kids on the internet about his effects. Justin has shown his true colors. He's a narcissistic, hypocritical, immature hack and I hope that no one shows up to his lectures so he can get the wake up call he deserves.

    EDIT: Wow.

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