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B'stard hard moves made easy

Nov 3, 2012
I have been wanting to learn Lennart Greens top shot move for a while, and since I don't feel ready for the whole dvd set, I looked up ''Bastard hard moves made easy'' by Ian Kendall. He has gotten permission from Lennart to teach this. Have anyone bought it, if so, what do you think?

Thanks, William.
Sep 2, 2007
I tried to learn the Top Shot from Lennart Green's original Green Magic DVD (I may even have seen it first on a VHS...might have been that long ago) and failed to grasp it. Then I came across Ian's teaching of it and it all became clear. In other words, I think that this is an excellent resource to learn the Top Shot, as well as the other moves (the Miller cascade control and Paul Harris's Instant Replay card flick if I remember rightly).
Jul 29, 2013

actually the top shot by Lennard Green isn t that diffucult, if you have the grip right you just need to practice it more and more...after 3 hours of practice or so.. you should top shot your first cards.
Of course if you can already do moves like a ego or cardini change, it should be less diffucult.
Just want you to motivate.

Green magic by Lennard Green could help you with that move, but if you have the grip (already) right, it s just practice.

Greetings from Germany...
Nov 3, 2012
Truth is, I originally found out how to do it without paying for it. And I want to make up for my mistake. THOUGH, I still need help with the move, I can't really do it.
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