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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tatan, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. They are at again the Bucks will be releasing not one not two not three but 4 new releases and i cant wait who else is excited
  2. Meh. I find it hard to get excited about new magic releases when the recent trend is all about over hyping something. I guess if I was a collector or I actually cared about XCM stuff I might be a little more enthusiastic but seeing as how most of the Bucks material either is almost impossible to get my hands to do it, or it fall outside of what I'd normally routine I'll probably sit on the sidelines and watch As everyone else participates.
  3. I'm right there with you Draven so don't feel bad. I bought the Trilogy and don't use a single move or effect from it in normal paid performances. I have a hard time with the handlings and frankly don't have the time with a wife, kids, and regular day job to put in the hours to get the effects / flourished down to where I'm confident enough.
  4. When I watched EMC in 2011 and saw that even the Buck's themselves were too scared to perform their own flourishes and when they did - dropped cards - I realized Flourishing is something that I am more than happy to have a couple of things up my sleeve with, but nothing I would ever put too much effort or time into.
  5. Totally agree. I do practice flourishes, but just for my own soul. I would never perform them as an actual routine or something. I do flourishes for spectators all the time, but not as a part of a trick, but just if we are talking or chilling, or if it comes up somehow. And yes, "performance" of flourishes by the Buck twins in EMC 2011 was more than disappointing.
  6. Same happens with some elements on the magic field. For example I've never watched a live performance of a trick from Magical Sleight. Even though they create striking visual magic, it is simply not practical. Just like most visual magic nowadays.
  7. So gods DO bleed!
  8. I agree with everyone here, though i am mostly a card flourisher i also have practiced alot of magic, most of my time recently is spent learning the jackson5, and the biggest problem with the buck twin's is that they make things that are even hard for them, it quite sad honestly, great people with amazing skill but its all being wasted.
  9. Yeah, I kind of have to agree :) Don't get me wrong, they still have chops but I rarely use a full routine of theirs. There is a handful of sleights that I learned from the trilogy and I use them often enough. I do perform most of the Jackson 5 casually though. I remember a youtube video of one of the Bucks performing Pandora. It is well known for being one of the hardest cuts ever devised and in the video it took them 3 or 4 tries to do it.

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