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  1. Does anyone have any tips on Bullet by Andrei Jikh.
    My one is pretty lowsy and is kind of slow.
    There is massive room for improvement.

  2. It is just practice, once you get the courage to do the move over and over it become's faster and better looking.
  3. So time will tell
  4. Yes, very much so, it is a very good move and it won't take much time to learn at all, if your practice it for an hour nonstop you can get it down within the hour.
  5. practice without the deck first . Helps for me !
  6. How would you do it without the deck, because support is needed to bring the card down.
  7. Practicing without the deck certainly helps! If you can, make a video and we'll see what's going on a bit clearer. Typically speaking though, doing the move a thousand times should help build muscle memory, the rest will come naturally.
  8. Words of Wisdom !
  9. I can't actually upload a video, however I will attempt to explain it.

    After pulling the card down and rotating it 90 degrees, I try to "flick" the card and it usually spirals off on to the floor.
    If I manage to get past that point it becomes very choppy and the only way that it looks slightly flashy is if I move my hand around in a circular motion. Finally when I bring the card to the bottom it usually clips the card that is currently on the bottom and causes the pack to mangle slightly.

    Sooooo yeah...
  10. In response to Andrei
  11. Alrighty, I think I know how to solve this. Keep rotating it past 90 degrees, it should naturally want to twist which is when you have the middle finger take over and grip the card. After twisting past 90, the card will align itself in the perfect position for you to grab the card firmly between your index and middle finger. The main problem is that you don't have a secure enough grip, which is resulted by not comfortably/properly grabbing that card in the first place. Try it a few times!
  12. Will this naturally make the flourish smoother?
  13. Yep, it's the proper way of doing bullet. Once you build muscle memory and do the move successfully a thousand times, it should be a breeze.
  14. Thanks for the great help Andrei :)
  15. Just Practice & for the flick use momentum by twisting the wrist instead of using extra pressure by the index

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