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  1. Hi guys im thinking of picking up bullet coin through water bottle.. I read the review on it and im still not sure.. Can someone help me that has this effect and help me decide if its a good buy
  2. In my opinion, not worth it.
    Once I found out how to do bullet and factory sealed, I was extreamly disapointed, I've only performed it like 3 times since I bought it(I bought it when it was first released) But like I said, that's just my opinion.
  3. Do you remember what it was like when you first saw those two effects? The method really shouldn't matter too much as long as you are entertaining your audience.
  4. if u think u'll use it, and the spectator will like it then buy it. I like it in my opinion
  5. I think bullet is really grade, but piercin' thru by Patrick K. is amazing. I might pick that up.
  6. ya it's deffinitly not worth it, the effect is cool but the method is terrible. it is dissapointing. i havent performed it for anyone cause i didn't think that it is that good of a trick.
  7. I really don't see why it so terrible. I think the method to at least 95% of great tricks will be disappointing at first - you just have to remember what you thought of the effect when you didn't know the method. Give your spectators that feeling of astonishment.
  8. You can only decide that for yourself.
  9. I actually liked the DVD
    In it, Justin goes through all the sleights and angles. Plus there are many street performances.
    He also goes through many variations of the trick that you can do.
    But idk, its mainly up to you. If you liked the trick as you saw it, and you think people are gonna be amazed at it, and you are willing to pay for the method, then go ahead buy it. If you think its something that you think would be nice to just know the method of and not rle going to perform it, then I would say save your money for something else.
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    ye it was good. tnks ithink it good 2% (leaves a lot to be desired by the other 98% doesn't it?) If you're curious about how to do that... PM me and I will tell you not to bother people that don't openly share secrets. That is a strong word secret.

    If you like it then buy it. If you don't then don't.
  11. Yes, but without any offense being intended, that's just being selfish and not performing how you should.

    Do you perform effects for yourself?

    Performing magic should always be for other people. Just because you as the magician know the secret, doesn't and shouldn't mean anything. Let me ask you this: did you like the effect before you bought it? (I'll assume you liked how it looked) So why does it matter what the method is?

    Here's the truth. To laymen, who don't know the effect, they don't care. They see a great effect.

    Who does it matter to? You. Because you don't like it. Not because you're not creating a good experience for others. Why don't you try it out on people? You might be surprised.

    Never forget that the fundamental rule of performing, anything, is to perform for your audience, not yourself. Letting method dictate what you can and can't perform is letting a cool effect, as you yourself admitted, slip through your fingers.
  12. This is a good trick, crappy method, but I'd pick it up if you're interested, don't let the method deter you. The specs will never know how it's done.
  13. You obviously thought it was that good of a trick at one stage, considering you bought it and all.
  14. Recommended

    I can't agree more with that. I bought both bullet and factory sealed when they offered both for a special price, watched it, got fooled by how simple the method is.
    From there i thought it's not going to be my type of thing to do etc.. but when i finally picked it up and perform it to friends, i never stop performing it since then.
    Why? The reactions i got from this one oh-so-simple effect was PRICELESS!
    And the fact that you can actually combine this one with say Ultrasmoke 2000 or Silver Dream by Justin Miller or the more recent release of Gecko, and taking it to a higher level, the reactions you'll get is hundred times more amazing than the original.

    If you have doubts all over you, just go out and perform it once. just once. I dare say this: If you fail to get amazing reactions from it, it's either you're doing it wrong, or your spectator is blind.

  15. You bring up some very good points. But for me, most tricks I learn aren't really disapointing, when I learned how to do, TNR, Control, Panic, Believe, etc. I was quite please with the methods and very excited to practice and perfect it.

    But if the method sucks, I don't even want to practice. It's like doing something that you hate for someone else's pleasure. I think the magician and the audience(audience most of all of course) should have fun with the effect. Magician has fun performing the method, audience has fun and is quite entertained, and then that reaction is true magic, and that's where everything comes together and everyone just has fun and enjoys it.
  16. That's a good point James. Personally, I'm heavily influenced by my performing background and hence this ethic, if you will, inspires my performing, and I can't relate, but yes, I can understand why you wouldn't want to practice something you didn't like the method too. Thanks for pointing that out. I would simply add though - if you're like me and do get at least some pleasure from the reactions of your spectators, give things a try you might initially want to skip. I did so with a routine I re-read a few days ago, and wow, I didn't realise what I was missing out on because I was a little meh at first.
  17. I hated it, it wasn't real magic when I bought it. It was some stupid easy impromptu way of giving the illusion of magic; what a stupid method.

    - Sean

    P.S. James is excluded from my cycnicsm, he at least has the decency to backup why he thinks it's stupid and I believe it is a valid reason.

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