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  1. For the release of The Trilogy: tricksandflourishesandeverythingelse, Dan and Dave teamed up with Decknique to host a competition that allowed users to design the promotional trailer with supplied media such as video, music, and graphics. Nearly seventy trailers were submitted but only one winner was chosen.

    Just over a year ago, for the release of The Trilogy: singles, Dan and Dave partnered with theory11 to put together a Video Competition where members from around the world submitted videos applying many of the techniques within. Hundreds of videos were sent in but only one winner was chosen.

    Today, less than one month away from the release of The Trilogy: andthensome, we would like to formally announce the next competition.

    The challenge last year was to create an original video. The challenge now is to create something of your own. We're looking for an original trick, flourish, or everythingelse - whatever you choose. It must be of your own creation, and it must be good. Show us what you can do. Show us what you're made of. And then - thereafter - we'll share it with the world.

    The winner of the andthensome competition - the winner's creation - will be included as a bonus ON the actual andthensome DVD. What you create will be seen by thousands of cardistry and magic enthusiasts in the days, months, and years to come. Only one winner will be chosen, and only one creation will be featured.

    Time is of the essence. You have one week to make it happen - ending on the 11th of February, at 11:00pm EST. There is a limit of one submission per member, so practice it and use your time wisely before sending. Submissions should be uploaded to this link and must be posted on or before the moment of deadline. Be sure to include your full name and email address in the message notes when you upload your video. If you forget to include your name and email, we will have no way to contact you other than road flares, smoke signals, and barracudas.

    Your video should both demonstrate and teach your creation. Production quality counts - so bust out those editing chops and make it look good. Videos should be no longer than 10 minutes (at an absolute max). Be sure to keep the FULL resolution version of your video on your computer as well, as if you win, we'll be asking for it to include on andthensome. As the winning submission will be included in a commercial DVD release, all music utilized within your video must be royalty free, your own creation, or nonexistent.

    We encourage everyone NOT to show your video to anyone else before the deadline, as to not influence anyone else's submission. Keep your work a secret - at least for this week. Good luck to all, and we look forward to seeing your submissions.

    DAN&DAVE + theory11

    Boring Legal Stuff : By submitting your creation and your video for this contest, you grant Dan and Dave Industries and theory11 the irrevocable, worldwide, perpetual right to utilize your video creation within The Trilogy : andthensome and for any other purpose, including but not limited to advertising and promotion. The winning submission as chosen by dananddave will be included as a free bonus with andthensome. By submitting your video, you acknowledge consent of these terms and conditions.
  2. First!!!!
    Woah this actually doesn't look half bad

    EDIT: Sorry JB, that link's not working.
  3. ill most likely lose so congrats to the winner
  4. damn! i wish i had a camera :(
  5. Hmm, not sure I'll enter. I may, if I can come up with something (that I consider) good. :)

    Good luck to all who enter, though! :)
  6. Cool,

    I'm sure people will come up with some really cool stuff!
  7. I think this just defined the four letters, OMFG! No way in hell i'll be able to enter this, but my eyes are wide open on this one. Good luck to those who enter.
  8. Whoo! I'm so happy! I have had some material brainstorms lately, and I might just put them to the test.
  9. omg
    i have to do this lol
  10. What are you doing home from school? :p
  11. wait how does this work? i thought the dvd was already being printed?
  12. I like the boring legal stuff...or maybe because it's called 'boring legal stuff'

    Great contest though. I might throw down and try and enter this.

    GL to everyone who does.

  13. I might enter, but I'm pretty sure a Flourish will win seeing as people have been disappointed that there aren't more Flourishes included. I may be wrong though...
  14. I'll probably lose, but I'll still try it. Should be flipping awesome!!!!! :cool::cool::cool:
  15. That's a good question.

    A speical limited ORANGE edition of andthensome is already at the printer for an exclusive release during our mini European Lecture Tour later this month. Members of our mailing list will also have an opportunity to buy the limited ORANGE edition so if you're not signed up do so now!

    Immediately after the winner has been chosen on the 11th we will place the clip onto the DVD and send it off for duplication of the BLACK edition. It's this edition that will match the rest of the 3 DVDs and be available on Theory11.

  16. could someone please explain that a little more please? so If I create a pretty good sleight it means that it becomes property of dan and dave? or just its utilisation for the dvd? thanks:p

    Great contest by the way
  17. Well, this should be a great opportunity for someone to get one of their items out there. I'm sure this is gonna turn out to be huge.
  18. In a nutshell...

    It gives us permission to attach your creation+video to our Trilogy branded products. That's all. The move is of course yours and remains yours indefinitely.
  19. Hmm so you make a video of a move and you have to teach it right? Sounds good to me.
  20. so can we send in more then one video?

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