Bumbershoot anyone?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JustinWay13, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. Is anyone going to bumbershoot? If so u should totally tell me :)
  2. I'm most likely going to be going one of the 3 days like last year because I'll be working ..unless I can get 3 days off :D.

    I went last year and got a photo taken with Chris Kattan cause I was lucky enough to notice him with his hoodie on. I don't think he was pleased lol.

    I was also up front for Jason Mraz! Woot :D

  3. I was there last year. Front row for Franz Ferdinand and Modest Mouse.
  4. Maybe we can all get together and Jam when bumbershoot arrives.
  5. That would be pretty cool guys. I have a friend (also does magic) that might attend bumbershoot as well.
  6. Hey Ryan what part of Washington are you from?

    Yeah anyone would be chill!
  7. Ryan Fox? hes from Bonneylake like me.
  8. Oh haha I clicked on the one link in your signature and assumed you were ryan cause of the ryan fox magic part of the site. Durrr. Stupid me :D

    Well cool, we live 40 minutes away :D
  9. Yeah im from bonney lake but im living in bellingham going to school right now. If you guys decide a day that sounds good we can all meet up in seattle. Just shoot me a pm :)

  10. Yeah that'd be cool. I have a car, not exactly Mr. Trusty. So I could take Greyhound to seattle and back to my place for like 20 bucks (saves me dough :D) and we could meet up in seattle around the greyhound station lawlz.

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